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New Catamaran Design Could Enhance Boat Travel

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Published on: 2012/02/29

View on Travel – New Catamaran Design Could Enhance Boat Travel.


New catamaran design could enhance boat travel
Photo from stock.xchng

Boat lovers will be traveling to Florida for the Miami Boat Show, taking place this year between February 16-20. While the recent tragedy involving the Costa Concordia may have thrown a shadow over cruise vacations, the boat show is expected to demonstrate the continuing allure of water for pleasure boat travelers around the world. A new catamaran that might revolutionize boat travel is among the most anticipated of the vessels to be displayed at the boat show, according to local news source the TC Palm.

Twin Vee Catamarans hopes to wow boat lovers at the Miami Boat Show with its catamaran design unlike any other. The 35 Twin Vee Hydrofoil Supported Catamaran utilizes stainless steel hydrofoil, which supports some of the vessel’s weight while out to sea. The use of hydrofoil makes the boat much lighter, thereby providing the user with a much longer range and better fuel efficiency.

Avid boater and Florida resident Ernest Denning compared the Twin Vee to a top-notch sports car, telling the TC Palm that he has ”had 50 boats and this thing handles like a Porsche.”

Compared to the other boat Denning owns, the Twin Vee is larger and wider, yet is faster and uses only one-third the fuel.

Michigan’s boat business is also finding rejuvenated success. According to The Detroit News, sales of everything from dock space to luxury yachts has increased in the state. Yacht club memberships are also going up, proving the allure of Michigan’s waters is up and coming once again.

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