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Twin Vee Catamaran – YouTube

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Published on: 2012/03/06

Twin Vee Catamaran – YouTube.

What makes Twin Vee Catamarans the best selling brand of catamarans today?  Well, the tale of two hulls is just the beginning of the story.  Dual hull catamarans cut like a knife through the water! The dual hull cats have many benefits from greater stability, lighter weight, less tendency to roll and greater fuel efficiency!  BUT, that is where the other power cats stop!

Where the Twin Vee Catamarans shine above the other power cats is their unique design!!  With Twin Vee’s unique Kinetic Fluid Induction design the boat rolls the wake of  the hulls into itself, it then creates compressed air bubbles inside the tunnel and acts as a shock absorber through the water.

See for yourself!  Click the link above to meet Roger and to view the YouTube video! 



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