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Exceptional Fishing in Nicaragua

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Published on: 2012/04/21

Fishing in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a wonderful country to visit if you are a keen fisherman and would like to attempt a variety of fishing techniques in the exotic waters found here. Not only will you have an opportunity to catch a variety of fish in all shapes and sizes, but you will also have a picturesque landscape with volcanoes and tropical rain forests as a background.


You may wonder how Nicaragua differs as a fishing destination from other seemingly equally wonderful areas. The biggest difference is that the waters of Nicaragua have only recently begun to be fished for recreational purposes. This means that there has been very little sporting pressure on natural fish populations in the area so fishermen can basically view it as virgin territory.

Costa Rica Real Estate Market Shines

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Published on: 2012/04/20

Costa Rica Real Estate Market Shines as Third Best in the World 

International Living ranked Costa Rica in the Top 3 for best unrealized real estate markets in the world. More specifically they singled out the Southern Zone as a place to consider investing.

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica Photos

Gasoline Price Hike Confirmed

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Published on: 2012/04/20

Gasoline Price Hike Confirmed.



Get ready for another round of gasoline price hikes. The Autoridad Reguladora de Servicios Públicos (Aresep) confirmed the price of super gasoline and diesel will go up ¢22 colones and regular ¢29, next week.


Two New Hotels in Costa Rica

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Published on: 2012/04/20

Costa Rica welcomes two new hotels

Aloft San José Hotel


Two new hotels, courtesy of the folks at Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide Inc., debuted on the Costa Rica hospitality scene in recent weeks: Aloft San José, in Escazú’s Forum II development southwest of San José, and the all-inclusive Westin Resort and Spa, Playa Conchal, between the forests and beaches of northwestern Guanacaste province.


OKAY Industries invests $1.5M in Costa Rica Bldg

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Published on: 2012/04/20

OKAY Industries invests $1.5 million in Costa Rica plant


Okay Industries Inc., a company that specializes in the production of high-precision metal components for the medical supplies industry, last week inaugurated a $1.5 million, 1,400 square-meter plant in Costa Rica. The new facility – the company’s first plant outside the United States – is located in Free Trade Zone Z, in the province of Alajuela, north of San José.

“Today, we have 41 [international] companies operating in Costa Rica with more than 122 different products that are being exported to 73 destinations in the Americas, Asia, Oceania and Europe,” Foreign Trade Minister Anabel González said. “We will continue consolidating our country’s prestige as a leader in the medical supplies industry on an international scale.”

Okay Industries President Jason Howey said the decision to start operations in Costa Rica was a result of the stability the country offers investors, the strong medical-device industry that already operates here, and the availability of highly educated workers.

A Yacht With Two Hulls?

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Published on: 2012/04/18
Gemini Super Sport


Meilahn Custom Yachts makers of Gemini SuperSport Custom Yachts

A Yacht with 2 hulls?  Sure!  Check this out:


Gemini Super Sport


Do Spanish Speakers Really Talk so Quickly?

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Published on: 2012/04/17

Are some languages really faster than English? 


Are some languages really faster than English? Does that mean slower languages are less effective?


Think of when you’ve listened to someone speak Spanish or Japanese. Does it seem the words flow out very quickly, faster than other languages? Academics would agree with you. For the last decade, linguists have speculated that different languages are spoken at significantly different rates. The challenge has been how to measure the respective speeds.

Recently, linguist François Pel­legrino along with his team at the Univer­sity of Lyon in France tried to break down the rate differences between seven languages: British English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish.

 Scientific American


New Mega Hotel, Casino and Retail Center announced for Belize

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Published on: 2012/04/16

U.S. Company Promises Mega Retail Center in Belize

Artist’s concept of proposed Cenote Falls Casino in northern Belize

A previously unknown company has promised to build a mega retail center in northern Belize including the country’s first McDonald’s according to a press release issued here this week. The release states in part:

“CEO Michael Rohling and President Charles Barrett announce that on March 24, 2012, DHS Holding signed a Purchase Agreement to acquire 40 acres of land in the EPZ Zone bordering Belize and Mexico. This purchase is the first step toward the development of “Cenote Falls”, a multi-million-dollar Hotel, Casino and Shopping Center.

Read more:

Hydrofoil? What is that?

 A hydrofoil is a wing that ‘flies’ in water. Hydrofoil is also used to refer to the boat to which the water wings are attached. A hydrofoil boat has two modes of operation: (1) as a normal boat with a hull that displaces water and (2) with the hull completely out of the water and only the foils submerged.

Preston Yarborough, plant manager at Twin Vee Catamarans, cleans a hydrofoil unit under the hull of a Twin Vee 35 model boat before it's installation at the Twin Vee manufacturing

Hydrofoils let a boat go faster by getting the hull out of the water. When a normal boat moves forward, most of the energy expended goes into moving the water in front of the boat out of the way (by pushing the hull through it). Hydrofoils lift the hull out of the water so that you only have to overcome the drag on the foils instead of all of the drag on the hull. 

For more information: Hydrofoil explanation from M.I.T.


Hydrofoil lift is demonstrated with this power catamaran ferry video!

Click here to see a video shot from a camera under the ship!  Impressive demonstration of the lift from a hydrofoil on a 50 knot power catamaran ferry!

Fast Hydrofoil Ferry Demonstration



Twin Vee 35' Mamba with Hysucat hydrofoil








The Twin Vee 35′ Mamba sports the new generation of boat building with enhanced performance using hydrofoil technology! More than $2 million went into the development of this power catamaran. The Hydrofoil is fitted between the two hulls creating not only a pressure difference for an extraordinary lift, but also a smooth ride!

Check it out! You will be impressed!

For more information:

Foreign Investment on the Rise

According to the Central Bank, Costa Rica received in the first three quarters of 2011 over 1.500 million dollars in foreign direct investment.

Compared to the same period of 2010, reflecting growth of approximately 52%, of which 27% corresponds to investment companies established in free zones.

In terms of employment generation in 2011, 7,728 new jobs were created and nearly 14,000 direct jobs throughout the economy.

The companies located in FTZs (free tax zones) accounted for 30% of total jobs generated by the private sector.

According to Vice President Luis Liberman, the Government will continues implifying procedures and speeding up infrastructure projects to continue to attract more investors.

via Foreign Investment on the Rise 

Costa Rica ranked among top 10 destinations for development of service operations

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Published on: 2012/04/06

Costa Rica Ranks High For Applied Engineering Outsourcing 

In Costa Rica there are various companies that require professional services in the areas of systems engineering, software development and other related careers. Such is the case of HP or Deloitte companies. However, are there enough professionals to meet the demands of these companies or transnational? 

invest 300x235 Costa Rica Ranks High For Applied Engineering Outsourcing

 The professional service provider, Deloitte intends to open in the country a global service center to implement SAP technology (ESE-A-EP). In this way provide basic services and systems support specialized relationship with the user, among others, to customers throughout the Americas.

Given this situation and in order to meet supply and demand for services, Deloitte will provide accelerated training to professionals.

Costa Rica is ranked among the top 10 destinations to develop service operations. 


Costa Rica & Mr. Sloth

Categories: Costa Rica, CR Living, Tourism
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Published on: 2012/04/06

ICT Costa Rica Tourism Campaign Prepares For Phase 2  

Costa Rica Institute of Tourism continues with its advertising campaign in social networks. The campaign not only highlights the wonderful people, but the enchanting biodiversity. Enjoy the video of Mr. Sloth!

Read more about Mr. Sloth here:  Mr Sloth talks about Costa Rica

New Christ of the Deep at Home in the Underwater Sculpture Park

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Published on: 2012/04/05

| Grenada’s Official Travel Planning Website.


The Grenada Underwater Sculpture Management Group (GUSMI) is pleased to report that the World’s First underwater sculpture park, located 2 miles north of St Georges at Moliniere Bay, is now home to two new statues.

The first piece, a replica of The Christ of the Deep, was on display on the Carenage since its official blessing there on the 22nd October during a ceremony attended by numerous officials including the Minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation and Culture, Peter David.


New sculptures at world’s first underwater sculpture park

The second sculpture, ‘Sienna’, is based on a character from the short story ‘A Different Ocean’ written by local author Jacob Ross. Sienna is a young girl gifted in free diving. The story follows friendship and betrayal as her talent is exploited in the search for lost treasure.

We posted another link for our diver friends as a reference:

Bonaire Diving Locations

Best Caribbean Dive Sites | Bonaire Diving Locations – Dive sites.


Bonaire is often called a divers paradise. This is also the tagline you’ll see on the number plates of the cars. The island is especially known for its 53 easily accessible shore dive sites.

Bonaire has 86 official dive sites. Most are marked by yellow stones. You’ll find them on the side of the road. Each stone carries the name of the particular dive site.  Bonaire is visited by snorkelers and SCUBA divers of all skill levels.

Bonaire is a premier Caribbean underwater photography destination from entry to professional level. The abundance and variety of colorful sea life on Bonaire’s reefs offers countless micro and macro subjects.  In addition, calm seas and mild currents make underwater picture taking less challenging on Bonaire than other destinations.

Twin Vee Hydrofoil ~ Fast Sleek and Powerful

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Published on: 2012/04/04



 AWESOME! That is what describes this Twin Vee Catamaran!


The new Twin Vee 35′ Hydrofoil Supported Catamaran is fast, sleek and powerful. Check out these two photos. In one, note the speed of the catamaran and how stable the ride is. AWESOME!  That’s not a bad way to get to your favorite fishing grounds at all.

In the other photo, proof positive that Twin Vee provides the smoothest riding boat on the water today…even in a big MAMBA like the Twin Vee 35′ Hydrofoil Supported Catamaran. Notice how the friends in boat are talking and having a good time — NOT gripping railings to keep from being bounced around. Seeing is believing!



46th Annual International Orco Bank Blue Marlin Release Tournament

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Published on: 2012/04/04



46th Annual International Blue Marlin Tournament 2012 • 28/03/1

30 March – 1 April 2012
BLUE MARLINBlue+marl...


Grenada’s Underwater Sculpture Park is featured in National Geographic

| Grenada’s Official Travel Planning .

St. Georges, Grenada – (March 19, 2012) Grenada’s Underwater Sculpture Park and the statues created by Jason deCaires Taylor are featured in a special edition National Geographic magazine titled ‘Wonders of the World – Earth’s most awesome places 

Photo: Detail of the underwater sculpture park in Grenada in the West Indies

Grenada was also the recipient of two #1 places in the 2012 Scuba Diving Magazine Awards – Best Advanced Diving and Best Wreck Diving in the Caribbean/Atlantic. “This has been a fantastic start to our year and we are deeply gratified that our sculpture park has been highlighted by the National Geographic and that our unique array of reefs, walls and ship wrecks has been recognized by the readers of Scuba Diving Magazine,” said Simon Stiell, Director of Tourism for Grenada. “With numerous snorkel areas and 50 dive sites, on two islands, to choose from, there is always something new and exhilarating for all abilities to explore.”

Grenada Dive Sites and Wonderful Underwater Treasures

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Published on: 2012/04/04

Grenada Dive Sites 

Granada boasts spectacular underwater treasures and marine life which will fascinate any level of diver. A unique array of reefs, walls and ship wrecks in the blue green waters surround both Grenada and Carriacou.

With more than 30 sites, your Spice Experience can take you into the colour and magic of marine life. Visibility can range from 30 to 100 feet. The reefs, walls and wrecks are among the best in the region. The largest ship wreck in the Caribbean Sea, The Bianca C, burned and sank just outside the St. George’ Harbour in 1961. This Italian luxury liner is encrusted with corals and is not only the largest but is considered the prize site in the Caribbean.

Mar y Sol offers Twin Vee Catamarans to help explore and enjoy your diving experience.  These catamarans offer lots of space for your gear!  Contact us for more information!

Scuba Dive in Grenada

Caribbean Destinations for the Sport Fisherman

Central America

Caribbean/ Bermuda/ Bahamas

These links will help you locate fishing reports, guides, fishing destinations and deep sea fishing charters for the sport fisherman.  


Saltwater Gamefish Directory For Fly Fishing in Belize

A Basic Guide to Saltwater Fly Fishing in Belize- Our Saltwater Gamefish.


The temperature of the nearshore waters of Belize generally range from the high 80’s (F) in the summer to the upper 70’s in the winter. This temperature range is just right for the literally hundreds of fish species which inhabit the area. Another resource which promotes fish species diversity is our shoreline. A rich mixure of sandy beaches, barrier islands, intercoastal waterways, seagrass beds, mangrove-studded bays, salt marshes, and estuaries provide the perfect habitat for fish and fly fishing. Many species like grouper and most snapper are primarily offshore in deeper water and so they are not usually considered fly fishing targets. Some inshore species such as catfish and mullet seldom respond to flies. Even so, eliminating these other species still leaves us with many availiable and formidable species which are regular fly fishing targets here in Belize. This guide is an excellent resource for information on snook, red fish, tarpon, spotted trout, lady fish, snapper and mackerel.

Tres Pescados Slam Tournament – Belize

Tres Pescados Slam Tournament – Belize.

The Tres Pescados Slam Tournament (TPST) is a 3 day event running from Thursday, August 12th through Saturday, August 14th. The tournament will concentrate on Ambergris Caye’s saltwater fly fishing grand slam population and use only proper catch and release methods for all fish caught in this tournament.


Presidential Challenge Central America

Presidential Challenge Central America.

Presented by Aruba Tourism Authority
The island nation of Aruba has become one of the most sought-after vacation destinations in the world, and now it’s poised to become one of the hottest fishing venues in the entire Caribbean. For 2012, the Presidential Caribbean Cup will call this island nation home, as it hosts the second annual international billfishing competition. The event is scheduled for October 11-14, 2012, which will coincide perfectly with the height of the marlin season.

March 2012 | Barbados Game Fishing Association

News from March 2012 | Barbados Game Fishing Association.


Once again this year, ESSO has donated 1,000 gallons of free fuel which will be shared equally with the foreign boats that register for the 2012 Barbados International Fishing Tournament!

 Image Detail

A BIG THANK YOU to ESSO for their continued support of the Tournament

2012 Barbados International Game Fishing Tournament:

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Published on: 2012/04/03

2012 Barbados International Game Fishing Tournament: March 29 – April 2 | Barbados Game Fishing Association.


The Barbados International Fishing Tournament is one of the premier fishing events in the Southern Caribbean, and attracts participants from across the region and internationally each year for five days of fun and competition.

The 2012 Barbados International Fishing tournament is expected to continue to be a big success, and previous years have seen an average of 35 boats and 200 anglers participating, with some spectacular catches being recorded as the teams revel in the magnificent conditions. Prior years averaged 40 Billfish caught and released, of which the majority (30-35) are Blue Marlin, and then a few Sailfish, White Marlin and Spearfish to keep things interesting, along with scores of Wahoo and Dolphin landed that help the drive to assist the needy children of the island.


White Marlin



Sportsfishing has made remarkable strides in the USA and around the world in rebuilding and enhancing fisheries and the marine environment worldwide, while at the same time providing for enjoyment of terrestrial species such as the fishermen themselves. This union has resulted in a huge following with the latest survey in the USA confirming that there are twice as many Sportsfishermen (40 million) as Golfers, and even more than Golfers (24.4 million) and Tennis players (10.4 million) combined! With a combined economic output in the USA alone of $125 Billion, the economics of Sportsfishing make it a remarkable case study on the marriage of man and the environment. When you combine all of this with some great dockside fun and frolic on a Caribbean Island, well then as they say “the rest is history”!

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