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Mamba Sport Fishing Hydrofoil Boat; Video

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Published on: 2012/05/29

Click here to watch a Video on the amazing hydrofoil supported Mamba taming the waves! 

Watch a Video on Power Boating in the Mamba 350 Sport Fishing Boat //

Nicaragua Offers Many Choices for your Sportfishing Adventures!

Sport Fishing | Nicaragua |

Nicaragua is the largest country of Central America. It borders Honduras in the north and Costa Rica in the south and it houses two big lakes: Lake Managua and Lake Nicaragua. Lake Nicaragua is the biggest lake of Central America and has the only fresh-water sharks in the world!


Explore the many locations of Nicaragua where you can enjoy sportfishing, SCUBA and many other boating activities.  This site highlights various regions for you to consider,  the description of the region, what type of game fish you will find, tours, charters as well as prices.

Barrier Reefs, Fishing Flats & Emerald Green Water of Belize

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Published on: 2012/05/25

Fishing in Belize at Turneffe Flats Lodge and El Pescador Ambergris Caye.

A Big Turneffe Flats Tarpon

Anglers worldwide who take fishing seriously will seriously love fishing in Belize. Even if you just moderately enjoy fishing, Belize fishing trips can be unforgettable experiences. The fact that so many great fishing spots in Belize can be enjoyed year round helps to make it such a popular place to cast a line, and you’ll find no shortage of qualified guides who can have you nabbing that big catch. Belize fly fishing in the saltwater flats is known for its excellence, rivaling that found in southern Florida, and if you are interested in heading further out to sea, you can also entertain the notion of booking deep sea Belize fishing trips. For those who truly enjoy fishing, arranging an all inclusive Belize fishing vacation is a good way to go, and here are two choice fishing lodges that specialize in delivering the full experience.


The Beauty of Colombia is Seen With the Burgeoning of Ecotourism

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Published on: 2012/05/25

Wildlife Tours & Ecotourism in Colombia Guide.


Whale Watching in Colombia

Colombia’s tourism industry remains relatively young and undeveloped, and as such there is not the plethora of ecotourism projects, jungle lodges and wildlife tours that you might find in neighbouring Ecuador for example. Parts of the country, such as the Llanos region, which is rich in easily viewable wildlife are not particularly safe for travel. There are, however, a few excellent wildlife viewing options available in Colombia.

Colombia’s whale watching season is between June and September, though whales (mainly killer and humpback whales) can often be seen in the months of may and October in addition. The best place for whale watching tours is Gorgona Island, but whales can be spotted throughout Colombia’s Pacific Coast. In addition to whales, there’s great scuba diving options in TagangaSan Andres and Providencia Island.

Leticia is gateway to Colombia’s Amazon rainforest, where wildlife tours see numerous rainforest creatures.

Colombia is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, and has an array of National Parks, many of which have wildlife viewing possibilities and are excellent for birdwatching tours. See the birdwatching section for further details.

There are few genuine examples of ecotourism (nature based travel whereby the environment and local community positively benefit from the presence of tourism), or community ecotourism, in Colombia. As the country becomes increasingly safe for travel, and the tourism industry further develops, ecotourism will become more widespread we hope. For the moment, consider Ecoturs Colombia, who offer birdwatching and nature tours to various National Parks throughout Colombia.

Colombia ~ The Next Great Fishing Frontier

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Published on: 2012/05/25

Fishing International – Fishing Travel Destinations Worldwide Since 1974


Colombia is modern, with a bustling economy and a lot of high rise apartments and hotels. Fashion, cell phones, and laptops everywhere … very much like Brazil. This place is hoppin’! The men and women are kind and helpful. The food was great and the US Dollar goes a long way.

Map of Colombia

My interest was to travel there and explore the fishing opportunities that exist now, and hopefully discover some exciting possibilities for the future.I found both … Big Time.

The Offshore “Blue Water” fishing is VERY GOOD NOW. Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado, Tuna, along with other typical species abound here. The biggest issue here is the Sea .. and it’s condition. The High Season is typical of Central / South America ->December – April.

The fish abound offshore during these months, but the seas can be rough, not so much from swells, but from wind waves. Always a “Breeza”. The calmer seasons during May – November offer quieter ocean conditions … but a few less fish. October 9, 10, 11, 2009 is when Carlos will hold his annual Marlin Tournament here in Cartagena.

Cruising in an AmeraCat 31

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Published on: 2012/05/23

Flor de Caña Fishing Tournament Ometepe Nicaragua

The beautiful island of Ometepe located on Lake Nicaragua is host to the international CAA Fishing Tournament on Saturday June 2, 2012.

For more information on the event:


Ometepe is the only island in the world, inside a freshwater lake, with two volcanoes.

Ometepe is currently one of the destinations admired by both local and international tourists for its nature, hospitality, beautiful landscapes, the two volcanoes, a rich archeological background, relaxing beaches and its numerous natural reserves and forests that enjoy a high biodiversity.





Nicaragua’s Corn Islands Offer Spectacular Diving & Snorkeling Activities

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Published on: 2012/05/15

 Scuba Diving around the Corn Islands.

Gorgeous, tropical fish are abundant and if you go to the right sites, you will have a good change of spotting rays and sharks. Furthermore, there are plenty of smaller but not less fascinating fish. They come in every color, shape, and size. It is amazing to see that you can find a world so different right under the surface and so close to the shore!

The Corn Islands are also great places to snorkel. The reef is quite close to the surface, which allows you to see the same kind of fish as scuba divers, and if you’re lucky you can see even rays or sharks when snorkeling! The reef is also often close to the coast, which allows you to snorkel off the beach to the reef.


Nicaragua: Unique…Original

Nicaragua: Unique…Original.


Sport fishing is truly one of Nicaragua’s greatest draws. With two oceans, gigantic lakes, multiple rivers and inviting lagoons, Nicaragua has something different to offer every fishing enthusiast. The International Sports Fishing Tournament takes place each September on the San Juan River and on Ometepe Island, recognized as the world’s 10th largest island to be located in a freshwater lake. In addition, the first International Fishing Tournament took place May 2005 in the lush Solentíname archipelago near the Rió San Juan Region. Still undiscovered, over-fishing has not plagued Nicaragua as it has other nations, and so most bodies of water in and around the country still teem with sea life. Anglers can battle Blue, Black, or Striped Marlin on a Pacific excursion or look on in amazement while reeling in a 100-pound giant tarpon on the San Juan River. Lake Nicaragua (the second largest lake in Latin America) is considered one of the most interesting freshwater fishing spots in the world with bull sharks, “róbalos”, 30-pound snook and mammoth tarpon. Popular fishing outfitters include for Rio San Juan, Surfari Charters ( and Pelican Eyes Sailing Adventures ( for Pacific coast fishing.


AmeraCat 27 Catamaran

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Published on: 2012/05/14

Read all about the AmeraCat 27 Catamaran. in Florida Sportsman Magazine Article

The AmeraCat 27 is a new 26-foot, 10-inch catamaran built for both the tournament and fun angler. 

AmeraCat 27 Catamaran

by Sam Hudson • May 16, 2011 •
Exclusive FS photos of the brand-new AmeraCat 27-footer.
By Sam Hudson


The AmeraCat 27 is a new 26-foot, 10-inch catamaran built for both the tournament and fun angler. The rig weighs in at 3,000 pounds dry weight.


The interior layout was built with collaborative insight from boaters, recreational fishermen, divers, and tournament anglers’ alike, says spokesman David East. All wood was removed from the building process. The hull is entirely fiberglass and foam construction, and twin sponsons are each packed with closed-cell foam flotation. There are no standard fish boxes or storage below deck, but there’s plenty of cockpit space—122 square feet—for livewells, fish boxes, rods, reels, coolers and tanks. Gunnels reach the lower thigh and are strengthened with foam stringers.


Each AmeraCat is built to the owner’s specifications. The 27-footer is factory rigged for the water at $49,900, with twin 115 Suzuki four-strokes and trailer. In the future, AmeraCat expects to produce a 17-footer and 33-footer. Additional options from AmeraCat include T-tops, outriggers, wash downs, dive ladder, potty, windlass, bait wells, fish box and engine upgrades.


On the water test: Rigged with twin Suzuki 150s, the boat hit 49 mph with five people on board. With one engine trimmed completely out of the water, the boat still planed quickly and hit 33 mph. With two people on board, the test boat planed in less than two seconds.


AmeraCat is located in Fort Pierce at 3340 North U.S. Hwy 1

Phone number: (772) 882-9186




Length: 26′ 10″


Beam: 8′ 6″


Dry weight: 3,000 lbs. without power


Transom height: 25 inches


Draft: 12 inches


Max horsepower: 350 hp


Fuel capacity: Single, 150-gallon tank


Cockpit area: 122 square feet




Taking the AmeraCat 27 for a spin one July day. The gel coat is highflex, built with anti-skid properties.



This boat comes factory rigged with twin Suzuki 115 hp engines. Options include upgrades to dual 175 hp Evinrudes or Suzukis. Shown here are twin Suzuki 150 four-strokes.



Gunnel reaches your lower thigh. For anglers, gunnel cap is wide enough to keep in contact with your thighs before your toes reach the gunnel base. For divers, gunnel is low enough for easy fall back.



Center console comes with built-in cooler underneath forward seat. T-top is optional.



T-top comes with options of its own, like this easy-access lifejacket storage.



Portside door to console is big enough to fit through without too much maneuvering. Marine head for inside console is available.



Where’s the ice? Forward cooler has room for drinks and food; not so much dolphin or grouper.



Standard, there are two forward bulkheads (starboard side pictured) for anchor, personal flotation devices and other storage. Hatches are ¾-inch Airex coring.



Available fish box and full-size anchor storage are options. Everything is custom and built above deck.



Console comes with hydraulic steering system with a tilt helm, and there’s room for electronics and cup holders. At left, switch panel for lighted switches and breakers.



Speed and fuel gauges corner a fluid remote-fill for console’s Uflex steering.



Stainless steel steering wheel is tilted into down position.



Stainless foot rail flips down into position. Console cushion seat is wide enough to comfortably accommodate two adult men.



Battery switches come standard on the sides of the console.



Backrest from console seat lifts up to reveal storage. Cup holder plumbing keeps liquid out of this storage area.



Five stainless steel rod holders and three cup holders come standard in the fiberglass leaner seat. Fuel cell (150 gallons) sits inside seat console.



Easy to reach gas cap, next to cup holders.



Even the cup holders have drainage.



Impressive maneuverability for a 27-footer—boat does 360s in tight confines; perfect for cramped docking.



From left to right, optional livewell, storage, then another livewell.



Livewells can easily house baits like goggle-eyes, ballyhoo and mullet.



The AmeraCat 27 planed and ran at 33 mph with a crew of five and one engine tilted completely from the water.



Four crew members leaning against the gunnel brought a smidgen of water through the scupper holes (bottom right).



A close-up of the scupper holes, located at rear on both starboard and port sides.



One of four gunnel rod holders that come standard.



This cat leans into turns, much like a mono hull. Notice the starboard-side sponson lifting from the water as the portside digs into a sharp turn.



This double-hull planed in less than two seconds with two people aboard. Photo action sequence above was shot in less than two seconds.



Headed for the inlet. This cat reached 49 mph with five crew members aboard.



Guides on standard trailer allow one person to launch boat with relative ease


Beautiful Homes in Costa Rica

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Published on: 2012/05/11

Bluezone Realty’s listings.

BlueZone Realty Group of Costa Rica is creating some beautiful homes and commercial centers in Costa Rica’s central Pacific region.

Bahía Ballena (Whale Bay)

BlueZone Realty Group is made up of both Canadians and Costa Ricans that have devoted their lives into making Costa Rica the place where you would want to live. Once you have been here, tour the country sides, walk the beaches, see and feel the nature, ride for miles on horses in the natural rain forests and white sandy beaches, fish and swim the crystal clear waters, and enjoy with the Costa Ricans their way of life, “Pura Vida” which translates into “Pure Life” in English, you will completely understand why we are here and why you should join us. To add a great fact about the country is that the weather is an average of 28 °C (82°F) all year round.

Ballena Jorobada (Humpback Whale)


New Products – Proud to Announce AutoTether for the Caribbean

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Published on: 2012/05/10

Mar y Sol will be outfitting all of its boats from this point forward with products from AutoTether.  Their products ensure that the passengers ride in safety;

  • that the boat’s engines turn off if the driver falls overboard.
  • that a loud alarm is heard if a passenger falls overboard








Sailing overnight is safer when you use “The Screamer” Wireless Alarm System. Have the sailors on deck wear a sensor, if they fall overboard the alarm will go off alerting everyone that someone is in the water. If the crew on deck encounters difficult weather conditions they can hold down the panic button, sounding the alarm in order to call the rest of the crew up on deck for assistance.


Read more at:  New Products –

Mar Y Sol Makes A Splash In Nicaragua!

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Published on: 2012/05/06

Mar Y Sol Makes a Splash In Nicaragua! 



Nicas can make boat parts


With an investment of $3.5 million, the U.S. firm Mar y Sol, specializing in the manufacture of parts and accessories for boats and fishing vessels will begin operations in the next 45 days in Nicaragua.


Golfito, Costa Rica – Shop Til You Drop

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Published on: 2012/05/01

Golfito, Costa Rica – Duty Free Zone | The Costa Rica News.


Golfito Coast

To get the most bang for your buck, join the scores of locals and expats for bargain shopping extravaganzas on name brands in southern Golfito’s highlight destination: the Duty Free Zone. Purchasing proliferates in cheap abundance in this old banana port town that hosts this famous mall.

The government had attempted to stimulate Golfito as a Duty Free Zone after 1985, when its years thriving as the United Fruit Company’s banana port had ended due to disputes and labor taxes, prompting the company to relocate their business to Ecuador. This effort has made the picturesque Golfo Dulce (Sweet Gulf) a namesake popular destination. What may seem reminiscent of an old Tom Waits’ port town, soon develops into 7 km of charming jellybean housing, converted plantations into ritzy expat mansions, postcard panoramic views of the gulf’s waters, and the Golfito National Wildlife Refuge’s forest climbing high on the right.

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