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Roger Penske Discovers Boating |

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Published on: 2012/06/30

Roger Penske Discovers Boating |

The sport of boating and the way the boating industry conducts business may never be the same.


Roger Penske


The big question in the marine industry the last seven days has been: “Where will Penske go next? Do you think he will take aim on our niche? How will he change the business?” Interestingly, Malibu, Correct Craft and other ski/wakeboard builders are not quaking in their topsiders. Some managers at these companies feel that while MasterCraft’s market share might grow, Penske will also do things that will grow the overall ski/wakeboard market, meaning all six of the companies will sell more boats. 

The truth of the matter is that virtually the whole industry could be at Penske’s feet, except for the few independent, family-owned companies who take pride in nurturing their business and handing it down to the next generation. But no matter what happens, that man who rarely appears to smile should have a positive effect on the sport and the quality of the boating industry in general. Welcome aboard, Roger. What took you so long?


Costa Rica Majestic Palazzo Park Hotel & Residences

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Published on: 2012/06/29

Read full story here:  Costa Rica fractionals hit the road with US sales tour.

Palazzo Park fractional real estate Costa Rica The team behind Costa Rica‘s Palazzo Park Hotel & Residences – ­ described as a sustainable luxury beachfront hotel and condominium – have announced plans for a North American home show tour.

The tour will visit Toronto, Chicago and Salt Lake City. During the first weeks of October, the team will also hold seminar receptions in these cities where customers will be eligible for exclusive complimentary accommodations and travel packages to Costa Rica’s Central Pacific coast, as well as fractional ownership in a private sportsfishing yacht.

Palazzo Park Hotel & Residences will be a member of The Registry Collection exchange programme. Fractional purchases at Palazzo Park Hotel & Residences start at $30,000 for six-weeks per year for life. Full ownership opportunities start at $199,000. Units can be reserved with a $5,000 fully-refundable deposit held by Stewart Title Escrow.

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