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International Maritime Fair in Cartagena, Colombia

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Published on: 2012/07/29



The academic agenda for the 2nd INTERNATIONAL MARITIME FAIR, 2012 which will be led by the General Maritime Directorate (DIMAR) and the Colombian Oceanic Commission (CCO) will shed light on the subject of nautical tourism in Colombia.


MEDELLÍN, May 28, 2012-. Nautical tourism, currently perceived in Colombia as a profitable business opportunity for foreign investors, and as an economic developmental driver for the country, will be the main topic on the agenda for the 2nd INTERNATIONAL MARITIME FAIR, 2012.


The event will take place in Cartagena in October. It is sponsored by the office of the Vice-presidency of Colombia and the General Maritime Directorate (DIMAR). In its second edition, it will revolve around the topic of nautical tourism business opportunities as noted in the event title: “Maritime Productivity: Challenges and Risks”. The event sponsors are hoping to explore the relationship between the

country’s maritime resources and its capacity to efficiently convert those resources into profitable business opportunities.




  • La agenda académica de la II Feria Marítima Internacional 2012, liderada por la Dirección General Marítima (Dimar) y la Comisión Colombiana del Océano (CCO), le dará relevancia al turismo náutico en Colombia.

MEDELLÍN 28 DE MAYO DE 2012. El turismo náutico, entendido como  una opción rentable para los inversionistas extranjeros y motor de desarrollo para el país, será el tema que abrirá la agenda académica de la II Feria Marítima Internacional 2012.

El evento, que se llevará a cabo en Cartagena en el mes de octubre, está liderado por la Vicepresidencia de la República y la Dirección General Marítima (DIMAR). En su segunda versión, abordará como eje temático la “Productividad Marítima: sus desafíos y riesgos”, concepto con el que se busca reflexionar sobre la relación entre los recursos marítimos de un país y su capacidad para transformarlos de manera eficiente.


Transportes Acuáticos en Cartagena

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Published on: 2012/07/29



Suggested prices would be IN ADDITION to the boat rental;

we don’t have the business model to rent small items separately

Speed and performance that will get you
propelling through the water in style while scuba diving or

rental fee:


This easy-to-operate quick-filling
water bazooka is constructed of high-impact thermoplastics with a
range of up to 60 feet. EVA handles for sure grip and also ensures
that Aqua Zooka will float on top of the water.

Rent: $4/day in addition to boat rental

For sale: $30


The Grab And Go Kayak with integrated
storage carry system. Easily folds into itself to carry as a backpack
Only 23 lbs. 900D polyester (top) 1000D x 1000D polyester laminated
with 24 gauge PVC (bottom) Seat converts to a backpack Storage



Room for 8 with cup holders all around
and a comfortable mesh bottom surface. Sitting on the mesh you can
enjoy the inflated contoured backrests in the water or sit on the
floating platform portion and just let your toes go for a dip. 12′

$60 / day

This compact waterproof camera case is
made from a clear heavy gauge vinyl to accommodate most zoom lenses.
Slim white clip is less bulky. Ideal for sightseeing boating camping
and hiking.

For sale: $25


This Jobe Dolphi Trainer is developed
to teach children to waterski and to experience the excitement of
tubing with fun and confidence. With the possibility to make a dry
start, any kid can start easily. When they build up their confidence
and skills you can pull them behind a boat. The Dolphi Trainer is
easy to re-board from the water or ski platform. It’s
guaranteed to be a lot of fun!



The Ski Skimmer’s unique design is a
cross between a sled and trainer skis so shore starts are simple.
Just grab the sure-grip handle and your child is ready for a gentle
yet exciting ride even at idle speeds. Made of wood.

$18 / day


Beginner – intermediate injection molded combo pair

  • Can be used as either combo skis
    or as an entry-level slalom ski

  • Wider tip profile and double v
    bottom for additional stability with deep water starts

  • Great ski to teach people how to
    ski and provides added confidence to skiers of all levels

  • Foam lined adjustable horseshoe
    bindings with trigger adjustment

  • Bright yellow fins for visibility

  • Has inserts for a stabilizing bar



This starter board has a pad with deep
kneewells for easy starts and a ?V? shaped hull to track straight.
Patented Hydrohook make sure beginners get up the first time



Bodyglove introduces the Blades
Wakeskis. Patent Pending twin tip design these skis can cut jump and
flip forward backward and upside down for a wild new style of wake
inspired fun. They are easy to store easy to use and fun for the
whole family.



Modified twin tip swallow tail design
is a hard carving yet forgiving. Fins keep the board tracking
straight. The bindings have a high wrap heel with a elastic center
and lace up ankle for a snug yet comfortable fit. Universal binding
fits most adult foot

$30 / day


Turn off the boat stop burning fuel and
enjoy a few minutes floating around on the Body Glove float saddle.
Place saddle between you legs to help you float longer while you
enjoy you favorite river sandbar lake or pool. Not a life saving

$5 / day

Soft and strong suede fabric in the
palm of the hand

Foam knuckle protection on top of
the glove

1 1/4 inch webbing strap with
Velcro closing

$5 / day

Single chamber tube is put over the
rider like a shirt, instead of being directly attached to the boat.
Simply connect a standard tow rope to the Sump Splash Guard & you
can steer the Sumo tube back & forth, jump the wake, & roll
360s. Ideal for Sumo body surfing or simply use as a towable.
Designed for 1 rider


video at:


The bullet-shaped GYRO will be sent
into a spin with a simple turn of the boat. The stainless steel
swivel tow system allows the GYRO to roll over and over again with
the rider inside while they watch all the action through the port
hole at the front of the tube.


video at:


tubing highlights:

testing of 16 different tubes:








$25 /day


$25 / day


full set to go snorkeling; $20/day


(we’ll include appropriate lures and line; live bait to be purchased





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Finding the “Next Big Thing”

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Published on: 2012/07/24

from: Product Creator Newsletter.


Although many people start with what they have when it comes to product ideas—i.e. their own skills, expertise, products and services—Frank suggested a different approach.

“Instead of starting with What You Got, start with What They Want,” he said.

In other words, think about your avatar, a.k.a. your ideal customer, and take a step back. Forget about yourself. Forget about what you have to offer. Take the time to brainstorm what your future customers want—and not just what they want from you. Brainstorm a list of what your avatars want out of their lives overall.

Try It Now: Take a piece of paper and write “What They Want” at the top. Then, starting with the biggest, pie-in-the-sky desires, make a list of the things your avatars want out of their lives. With each new desire you capture, work yourself toward more and more realistic wants, until you hit on one that you can fulfill. That’s where your product idea is born.

By starting with your customer’s desires—instead of you and what you have to offer—you give yourself a unique chance to build a true, customer-centric product.

A product that’s designed—from the start—to meet your avatar’s needs at the highest level has the real potential to hit it big. Why? Because it draws on your customers’ deepest desires, where all of their passion and drive lies.

When you create a product that speaks to someone on a level this meaningful, you’ll ignite intense emotions. These emotions will both drive people to buy and also drive them to take long-term action. That’s where the real potential lies.

But, according to Frank, in order for your product to deliver results, you need to understand one more element.

In addition to knowing your avatars’ deepest needs and desires, you also need to grasp what’s been keeping your avatars from fulfilling these goals on their own. What are the roadblocks preventing their progress?

You can brainstorm it on your own, or simply ask them. Survey your customers. Ask your customers and prospects what they really want (and make sure it matches your brainstorming).

Then ask them why they haven’t gotten it yet. It might be fear. It might be overwhelm. It might be limiting beliefs. Your customers will tell you everything you need to know.

Once you know the obstacles, it’s your job to shape your product delivery to remove them. Whether it’s through the structure of your content, its delivery or its format, take it on yourself to sweep away as many obstacles as you can. That’s how your customers will begin to see real results.

It’s results that create raving-fan clients for life. It’s results that create world-class products that practically sell themselves.

It’s results that create the Next Big Thing.

When you can start with your customers and put their needs at the forefront of your product creation process, you’ve got a serious headstart on getting there with your next product.

In This Issue…

You’ll meet the winner of our Make, Market, Launch IT! Product Creation contest. One of Pam’s clients used to say that the money is in the opportunities along the way, and Rob and Michael’s Mastering Mealtime product is certainly one of those. During our day of consulting, it came up that Michael has a degree from a culinary arts institute. As busy parents, we encouraged them to come up with a product highlighting his skills and helping frustrated moms and dads around the world come up with easy to cook, tasty and fun dinners. If you’re like us—and want to eat well but don’t have the time to spend the whole afternoon in the kitchen—check out Mastering Mealtime.

You’ll also learn how to leverage the power of social proof in your marketing by collecting “irrefutable proof” to significantly enhance your marketing, discover a powerful application to make iPhone and iPad demos a snap and understand why being “bad” at something is your best path to creating a business built on exceptional customer service.

Also, don’t forget to check out our Upcoming Events section. We’d love to see you in person soon!

Pam and Mike

P.S. If you’re in the middle of setting up a payment system for your business—or you’re not getting what you want from your current merchant setup—make sure you check out our friends Ryan and Nate at Platinum Payment Systems. They really GET Internet Marketing and can make the collecting money equation much simpler for you.

Oportunidades De Inversión Fuera Del Valle Central

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Published on: 2012/07/22

from  read more at:  Oportunidades De Inversión Fuera Del Valle Central.


Investment opportunities outside of the Central Valley in Costa Rica


Oportunidades De Inversión Fuera Del Valle Central

Guanacaste, Limón, Puntarenas, Pérez Zeledón y San Carlos llaman la atención en el mapa por sus atractivos naturales y turísticos. Sin embargo, estas regiones de Costa Rica también encierran importantes atractivos para la inversión empresarial.

En las regiones fuera del Gran Área Metropolitana Ampliada (GAMA) el régimen de zonas francas es una alternativa interesante, la cual le permite a las empresas gozar de una serie de exenciones fiscales si cumplen con varios requisitos.

Por ejemplo, las compañías no tienen que pagar impuestos de importación, de exportación, de ventas, remesas al exterior e impuesto sobre la renta. Para gozar de estos beneficios las empresas deben ser de manufactura, servicios o comercializadora/logística.

Además, deben cumplir una inversión inicial relativamente sencilla en un plazo de tres años: de $100.000 en activos fijos para ubicarse dentro de parque industrial o $500.000 si la opción es establecerse fuera de parque industrial.

Pero, ¿Cuáles son esas regiones? A las provincias de Limón, Puntarenas y Guanacaste, más los cantones de Turrubares, Pérez Zeledón y León Cortés (en San José); Turrialba y Jiménez (en Cartago); y Alfaro Ruiz, Orotina, San Mateo y San Carlos (en Alajuela) se les conoce como zonas fuera de GAMA o zonas de menor desarrollo.

En estos lugares se concentra aproximadamente el 40% de la población del país, y son regiones que por su ubicación geográfica se encuentran cercanas a los puertos, como el de Caldera en Puntarenas (Pacífico costarricense) y los de Moín y Limón (Atlántico), al igual que al aeropuerto internacional Daniel Oduber (Guanacaste).

Además, en todas ellas están las oficinas regionales de los proveedores de servicios públicos al igual que sedes del Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje (INA), el cual brinda capacitación técnica a empresas de manera gratuita.

Empresas como Sardimar y Bridgestone Firestone están ubicadas en estas regiones. Sardimar inició operaciones en 1973 y tiene dos plantas de producción y procesadora de productos de mar. Es una de las compañías del sector más grandes en América Latina y sus productos son exportados a 30 países en América, Europa y Medio Oriente.

Por su parte, la empresa Firestone Industial abrió en el 2009 su segunda planta de manufactura en el país, ubicada en Turrialba y la cual genera 160 empleos. Allí se fabrican resortes de aire para los sistemas de suspensión de carros.

Twin Vee 29 CC : Exceeds expectations!!!

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Published on: 2012/07/21

From: Twin Vee 29 CC | Boating Magazine.

The tugboat trailed a solid set of wakes that stretched behind it by more than 6′ and there wasn’t much room for us to pass between it and the jetty. I started to pull the throttles back when the Twin Vee guy said I should firewall them.

How could I resist? We picked up speed and hit the first wave like it was a ramp (I may have even screamed), but to my surprise I didn’t lose any teeth when coming down because there was no hard impact to speak of. The deep, sharp hulls split the waves and reentered softly. In fact, once outside the inlet, I tried everything to make the boat pound or ride squirrelly, but to no avail.

High Points:  The boat planes at 36 mph on one engine. Plenty of room to mount electronics at the dash, and “huge” is an understatement for the anchor locker.

Twin Vee expands its offerings of dual console to meet demands

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Published on: 2012/07/21

From: Twin Vee Dual-Console Series – Features, Boat Reviews and Boat Tests –

Three models from Twin Vee combine tried-and-true twin-hull designs with twin-console decks.


The dual-console layout has grown in popularity in the past few years, so it’s no wonder Twin Vee decided to expand its offerings. These make for excellent family-fishing boats, since the second console adds protection for another passenger while the bow area gives the kids their own place to hang out, whether the rest of the family is water skiing or trolling for wahoo.

All are built with the usual Twin Vee construction methods: hulls made of hand-laid woven roving are filled with foam, fittings are stainless-steel, and fabrics are marine-grade vinyl. Fit and finish is not as nice as it is on some competing boats, but that’s one of the reasons why Twin Vees carry price tags that are notably lower than most competing boats. Note, for example, that the 22 Bay Cat DC starts at a mere hair over $25,000 with a 90-hp four-stroke Suzuki on the transom.

Most folks buy cats for their ride, of course, and in this regard these don’t disappoint. In fact, foot-for-foot they’re among the softest-riding boats around. The hulls trap and compress air in their “compression tunnels” as they move forward, and that cushion of air softens landings and reduces drag. That not only means your back hurts less, it also means you need fewer horses to go as fast as a monohull of the same size.

Colombia, Costa Rica look to strengthen ties

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Published on: 2012/07/21

From: Colombia, Costa Rica look to strengthen ties / Top Story / Current Edition / Costa Rica Newspaper, The Tico Times.

After a visit from the Colombian president, a free trade agreement is being negotiated between Costa Rica and the South American country.

Colombian President


Colombians make up the second-largest foreign population in Costa Rica, after Nicaraguans. Of 386,000 immigrants living in the country, 4.3 percent – 16,600 – are Colombians, according to the 2011 census.

With growing relations between Costa Rica and Colombia, Chinchilla sees a “shared vision of development,” and similarities “provide the basis to form a lasting partnership.”

“Our relationship keeps growing stronger in the political arena, and now in the commercial arena, which will lead us to join efforts in forums where we share interests,” Chinchilla said.

Costa Rica’s exports to Colombia grew by 12.1 percent in 2011 compared to the last two years, but the trade balance heavily favors Colombia, according to official figures.

In 2011, Costa Rican sales to Colombia were $48.2 million, against $455.7 million in imports.

Mark your calender for March 2013 & The Tobago International Game Fishing Tournament!

from: Tobago International Game Fishing Tournament.


The 18th Annual tournament kicks up again in Charlotteville 13th – 17th of March, 2013. Check back often for updates as we get closer to tournament time!!

Check out What’s On…In Tobago for more information on everything there is to do and see in Tobago! No matter what time of year you decide to visit this beautiful island paradise, don’t forget your fishing gear, the big ones are out there!

The Tobago International Game Fishing Tournament began in 1995 as a loosely organized, just-for-kicks fishing tournament staged out of Pigeon Point, Tobago. Only a handful of boats participated but it proved to be the start of something that has endured and grown well beyond those humble beginnings. Now relocated to the north end of Tobago in the wonderfully friendly village of Charlotteville, the Tobago International Game Fishing Tournament pulls in anglers from near and far; from the Caribbean to North and South America, even as far as Europe, the tournament draws big game fisherman who can appreciate great camaraderie, competition and fishing conditions.

Looking for a fishing tournament in the Caribbean??


Click the link above for a monthly listing of fishing tournament


The Caribbean sea is one of the “hottest” spots of the world: fishing is nice and large, the fishing fields are innumerable and coming back to land the locations are beautiful and funny is guaranteed.
You’ll find a lot of fishing tournaments in the Caribbean sea , every isle wish to host such events, the tourist feedback are very interesting. So there are many opportunities. As I’ve already told before the former British colonies and the U.S. territories are particularly active in this sence.


Caribbean Map

Catamaran to circle the globe on solar power alone

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Published on: 2012/07/20

from: : Catamaran to circle the globe on solar power alone.


Catamaran to circle the globe on solar power alone
‘She is finally away – Planet Solar’    .

Last week, on Monday 27th September, after many months of planning and construction, a very large solar solar-powered yacht called Planet Solar set out from Monaco on a 31,000 mile trip around the globe. Its goal is to be the first to circumnavigate the globe in a ‘solar’ boat, i.e. one powered by a silent, pollution-free electrical engine, driven exclusively by solar energy.

It is estimated it will maintain an average speed of 7.5 knots per hour. At that speed it should take about 160 days to travel around the planet.

The multihull will be home to four sailors during the round-the-world attempt, and can accommodate up to forty people during the promotional trips planned at each port of call.

That our planet deserves a better, brighter and less polluted future. Future technologies must be keenly investigated and solutions must be found. The project will help to motivate engineers and scientists to develop innovative technologies, inspire people around the world, and show that the impossible can become possible.

Planet Solar, showing the scale and solar panels –  .. .

About Planet Solar:

The vessel itself, PlanetSolar, is a multlihull vessel topped by a large array of photovoltaic solar panels, constructed by Knierim Yacht Club, in Kiel, Germany. Additional removable parts allow it to expose a total of 537 m2 of photovoltaic surface (solar panels) to the sun.

This impressive data make it the biggest solar run ship in the world.
Built in 14 months, the boat has impressive dimensions and is yet both silent and clean. Its goal of circumnavigating the world at an average speed of 7.5 knots is no mean feat for a solar-powered craft.

Length: 31 m
Width: 15 m
Length with flaps: 35 m
Width with flaps: 23 m
Height: 6.1 m
Weight: 95 t
Surface of solar modules: 537 m2
PV panel efficiency: 18.8 %
PV installed power: 93.5 kW (127.0 HP)
Average engine consumption: 20 kW (26.8 HP)
Average speed: 7.5 kt (14 km/h)
Maximum speed: 14 kt (25 km/h)
Crew: 6 people
People that can go onboard: 40
Autonomy: Never-ending solar navigation

The boat’s top covered with the photovoltaic solar panels gives it a capacity of 93.5 kilowatts of electricity. It cost about $13 million to construct and was funded by Rivendell Holding AG, a Swiss company renewable energy investment company.

Subject to change, stopovers will take place at the following cities: Miami, Cancun, San Francisco, Sydney, Singapore, and Abu Dhabi: 

Power Catamaran World: $58 million USD Custom Catamaran

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Published on: 2012/07/20

from:  Power Catamaran World: Billionaire boys toy.


Porsche Design Group and Singapore-based megayacht builder Royal Falcon Fleet have reached the first milestone in the construction of the RFF135 with the laying of the keel for the innovative 135-foot/41-metre power catamaran.

The megacat was conceived for a client who wanted a “spacecraft on the water.”

(read more at:


  • Shipyard    Royal Falcon Fleet
  • Designer    Porsche Design Group
  • LOA    41.20 m/135.18 ft
  • Beam    12.50 m
  • Draft    1.70 m
  • Power    2×4600 HP MTU
  • Max speed    35 knots
  • Cruising speed    30 knots
  • Range    2,000 nautical miles
  • Material    Aluminum
  • Guest cabins    5
  • Guest berths    10
  • Crew cabins    5
  • Crew members    10
  • Price    US$58 million

Growing tourism prompts expansion at Santa Marta airport

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Published on: 2012/07/20

From: Plans for new Santa Marta airport underway – Colombia news | Colombia Reports.

isitors to Santa Marta will touch down in a larger, more comfortable airport by 2014, El Heraldo newspaper reported Thursday.

The remodeled Simon Bolivar airport is slated to cost $21 million and will more than double in size, incorporating four new aircraft ports to keep pace with Santa Marta’s growing tourism industry.

Santa Marta airport

The blueprints are now heading to Bogota for final approval, according to Santa Marta’s head of airport concesions. He estimated that the construction, including demolishing existing parts of the airport section by section, would begin next January.

Enchanting Cartagena is preferred by British travel magazine

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Published on: 2012/07/20

From: Wanderlust prefers Cartagena over Berlin, Venice – Colombia news | Colombia Reports.

British travel magazine Wanderlust ranked Colombian city Cartagena above Berlin, Germany and Venice, Italy in its top 10 city destinations to visit in 2012.

Cartagena tourism

“This indicates that public and private efforts to showcase Colombia as a tourist destination are heading in the right direction,” he said, pointing out that Cartagena is high on the national government’s agenda to boost tourism, particularly by improving air connectivity, increasing the number of hotels and hostels, and restoring the city’s beaches and historical sites.

Colombia is about to get another boost to the tourist industry as the London and Madrid National Geographic stores begin promoting it as an eco-tourism hotspot. Colombia is considered one of the most ecologically diverse countries in the world.




Cartagena is the hot spot for luxury tourism!

From: Cartagena the newest hotspot for luxury tourism – Colombia news | Colombia Reports.


Cartagena a new high-end tourism hotspot

This year Cartagena was a big hit at the International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM), held every year in Cannes, France. Carmen Otero de Millan, the representative for Cartagena’s Santa Clara hotel and Coltelco claimed that Colombia‘s stand at the luxury fair received over 500 proposals from various travel counselors, whom he defined as “people hired exclusively by millionaires from different countries that are very interested in the history, culture, and nature of countries that sell tourism.”


High-end tourists are interested in spas, culinary experiences, new cultures, sustainable tourism, and tourism philanthropy — all of which can be found in Cartagena. According to Otero de Millan, if the government can implement strategies to boost tourism, Cartagena’s rich history and its proximity to the tropical Rosario Islands will do the rest.


National Geographic profiles Colombia as a tourist destination

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Published on: 2012/07/20

From: National Geographic to release Colombian travel guide – Colombia news | Colombia Reports.

The book’s author and acclaimed travel writer, Christopher Baker, has made several trips to Colombia since 2010, visiting BogotaMedellin, the coffee region in western Colombia and popular vacation spot, Cartagena.

“We believe it’s time Colombia became an international tourist destination. Colombia has an ideal profile for National Geographic due to its amazing nature and cultural aspects,” said Baker. “Colombia is one of the richest countries in terms of tourist attractions, which meet everyone’s needs and interests. From bird-watching to active adventures and culinary challenges, the country is prepared to receive both groups and independent travelers,” he added.


A  total of 317,962 travelers visited Colombia in 2011, according to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism. Between January and April 2012, foreign tourism increased by 5.3% compared to the same period last year.


Diving Marvels of Colombia

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Published on: 2012/07/20

From:  Diving in Colombia.

Colombia is not only a tropical land. It possesses a gigantic aquatic garden in the Pacific Ocean and a virtually unlimited pool in the Caribbean Sea.


Diving in Colombia is living biodiversity. Photo:


Colombia is one of the world’s diving marvels thanks to the privileged features of its two oceans, considered true living laboratories. On account of the unique adaptations of the fauna, the wealth of vegetation is home to endemic species

Again The Happiest Place on Earth

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Published on: 2012/07/19

From: Costa Rica Is Again The Happiest Place on Earth | Costa Rica News.

Costa Rica is again classified as the happiest country in the world according to The Happy Planet Index(HPI).

This report measures three things: the wellness of a nation’s residents that say they have, life expectancy at birth and the ecological footprint of a nation.


Countries like Costa Rica are the first places because its people live long and happy lives using only a fraction of the resources of the planet. This is an economic model that can actually lead to healthy lives, happy and sustainable,”

Paypal services now available in Costa Rica

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Published on: 2012/07/19

From: Paypal Merchant Services in Costa Rica VIA Banco National | Costa Rica News.

Leading online payment processor, Paypal, today announced their alliance with Banco National (BN).

What this means is that now, online sellers located in Costa Rica, can place a Paypal button on their online store and when the transaction is processed, it will done through Banco National.

Huge demand for commercial space in San Jose!

From: Costa Rica’s Mega Mall And Shopping Center Market Is Booming | The Costa Rica News.

New commercial developments are opening all over San Jose Costa Rica, and the Central valley. The newest and largest recently announced, City Mall, with 185,000 sq meters for retail, dining, and family entertainment, is open in 2014.

San Jose Costa Rica Shopping Center


The demand for commercial space, retail and business administration in San Jose Costa Rica has grown dramatically during the past few years. Developers and builders are racing to keep up with the demand from both international and local markets for malls, call centers, call centers, business centers, and retailers.

One of the reasons San Jose is seeing such commercial real estate boom is numerous awards and high placement on several indices. For example, The MasterCard Global Destinations Cities Index 2012, San Jose Costa Rica was ranked as the sixth most important destination city in Latin America.

U.S. franchises see an open market in Costa Rica

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Published on: 2012/07/19

From: Are U.S. chains taking over Costa Rica? / Business / Costa Rica Newspaper, The Tico Times.

U.S.-based franchises are finding an increasingly open market in Costa Rica. Today, 171 foreign franchises operate here. Restaurants constitute about a quarter of the foreign franchises in Costa Rica. Clothing stores and hotels each represent another 20 percent. 

... Wor… ...Moe’s Southwestern Grill will introduce Tex-Mex to Central America in June, also in Escazú. Salads and sandwich franchise Cosi’s is christening multiple stores here in 2012 and 2013. That brand has plenty of catching up to do, as sandwich shop Quizno’s opened its 20th location in the country last month. 

On Wednesday, Quizno’s won an eight -year contract to operate the food court at Juan Santamaría International Airport, the busiest airport in the country. With a $4 million investment, QSR International will open another Quizno’s, and a KFC, Smashburger and Teriyaki Experience in the airport food court. Still, Quizno’s has less than half the number of franchises in the country as sandwich king Subway.

Grainger comes to Costa Rica!

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Published on: 2012/07/19

From: Grainger comes to Costa Rica / Business / Costa Rica Newspaper, The Tico Times.

Grainger, a U.S.-based industrial supply giant, opened its first Costa Rica location on Tuesday in the northwestern San José district of La Uruca.

“Our clients in Costa Rica have said they want an inventory available locally and we’ve responded,” said Eduardo Sauma, general manager of Grainger Costa Rica. “Local businesses are looking for products and solutions that help them be more efficient, reduce operating costs and keep their employees safe at work. We are obliged to help them accomplish these goals.”


“Costa Rica is part of an international expansion that Grainger is doing in Central America and the Caribbean,” Ganem said at the inauguration of the new store. “Costa Rica is the fourth opening we’ve had in the region. 


New record in direct foreign investment in Costa Rica

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Published on: 2012/07/19

From:  Costa Rica: A tale of two economies / Business / Costa Rica Newspaper, The Tico Times.

Foreign direct investment in Costa Rica increased to a record $2.1 billion in 2011. Growth is projected at double the rate of the U.S. economy!

Foreign Investment

Production has positive momentum, and the Central Bank sees Costa Rica on track for 4 percent economic growth in 2012 (TT, June 1). This will be less than the 4.2 percent of 2011, but more than the 3.8 percent that that institution projected at the start of the year, and two times the recently revised economic growth projection of 2 percent for the United States

Costa Rica continues to show strong growth in economy!

From:  2Costa Rica Real Estate Announces 28% Growth in the Costa Rican Franchise Sector – Yahoo! News.


Costa Rica has once again shown strong growth in the economy over the past year. According to data provided by the Costa Rican Chamber of Commerce, there are more than 200 brands operating as franchises in the country, of which 183 are international and thirty-eight are national.


In the case of international franchising, 105 franchises are US-based. Meanwhile, twenty-one franchises come from Spain, followed by franchises of Mexican and English origin. Currently, nine of these franchises have successfully expanded their business to other Latin American countries such as Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, and Ecuador.

More people are traveling to Costa Rica!

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Published on: 2012/07/19

From: Costa Rican Travel Boom Spawns New Hotel Developments and All Inclusive Travel Deals – Yahoo! News.

Costa Rica is seeing a boom in travel and securing a reputation as a must-visit destination, growing leaps and bounds at the expense of other tourism sectors, according to

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More people are traveling to Costa Rica than ever before, spawning a boom in hotel expansion and an array of all-inclusive travel deals to entice vacationers., a leading travel company offering exclusive access to an inventory of all-inclusive resort packages, has reported a marked increase in the number of travelers visiting Costa Rican destinations.

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