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Finding the “Next Big Thing”

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Published on: 2012/07/24

from: Product Creator Newsletter.


Although many people start with what they have when it comes to product ideas—i.e. their own skills, expertise, products and services—Frank suggested a different approach.

“Instead of starting with What You Got, start with What They Want,” he said.

In other words, think about your avatar, a.k.a. your ideal customer, and take a step back. Forget about yourself. Forget about what you have to offer. Take the time to brainstorm what your future customers want—and not just what they want from you. Brainstorm a list of what your avatars want out of their lives overall.

Try It Now: Take a piece of paper and write “What They Want” at the top. Then, starting with the biggest, pie-in-the-sky desires, make a list of the things your avatars want out of their lives. With each new desire you capture, work yourself toward more and more realistic wants, until you hit on one that you can fulfill. That’s where your product idea is born.

By starting with your customer’s desires—instead of you and what you have to offer—you give yourself a unique chance to build a true, customer-centric product.

A product that’s designed—from the start—to meet your avatar’s needs at the highest level has the real potential to hit it big. Why? Because it draws on your customers’ deepest desires, where all of their passion and drive lies.

When you create a product that speaks to someone on a level this meaningful, you’ll ignite intense emotions. These emotions will both drive people to buy and also drive them to take long-term action. That’s where the real potential lies.

But, according to Frank, in order for your product to deliver results, you need to understand one more element.

In addition to knowing your avatars’ deepest needs and desires, you also need to grasp what’s been keeping your avatars from fulfilling these goals on their own. What are the roadblocks preventing their progress?

You can brainstorm it on your own, or simply ask them. Survey your customers. Ask your customers and prospects what they really want (and make sure it matches your brainstorming).

Then ask them why they haven’t gotten it yet. It might be fear. It might be overwhelm. It might be limiting beliefs. Your customers will tell you everything you need to know.

Once you know the obstacles, it’s your job to shape your product delivery to remove them. Whether it’s through the structure of your content, its delivery or its format, take it on yourself to sweep away as many obstacles as you can. That’s how your customers will begin to see real results.

It’s results that create raving-fan clients for life. It’s results that create world-class products that practically sell themselves.

It’s results that create the Next Big Thing.

When you can start with your customers and put their needs at the forefront of your product creation process, you’ve got a serious headstart on getting there with your next product.

In This Issue…

You’ll meet the winner of our Make, Market, Launch IT! Product Creation contest. One of Pam’s clients used to say that the money is in the opportunities along the way, and Rob and Michael’s Mastering Mealtime product is certainly one of those. During our day of consulting, it came up that Michael has a degree from a culinary arts institute. As busy parents, we encouraged them to come up with a product highlighting his skills and helping frustrated moms and dads around the world come up with easy to cook, tasty and fun dinners. If you’re like us—and want to eat well but don’t have the time to spend the whole afternoon in the kitchen—check out Mastering Mealtime.

You’ll also learn how to leverage the power of social proof in your marketing by collecting “irrefutable proof” to significantly enhance your marketing, discover a powerful application to make iPhone and iPad demos a snap and understand why being “bad” at something is your best path to creating a business built on exceptional customer service.

Also, don’t forget to check out our Upcoming Events section. We’d love to see you in person soon!

Pam and Mike

P.S. If you’re in the middle of setting up a payment system for your business—or you’re not getting what you want from your current merchant setup—make sure you check out our friends Ryan and Nate at Platinum Payment Systems. They really GET Internet Marketing and can make the collecting money equation much simpler for you.

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