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Twin Vee 29 CC : Exceeds expectations!!!

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Published on: 2012/07/21

From: Twin Vee 29 CC | Boating Magazine.

The tugboat trailed a solid set of wakes that stretched behind it by more than 6′ and there wasn’t much room for us to pass between it and the jetty. I started to pull the throttles back when the Twin Vee guy said I should firewall them.

How could I resist? We picked up speed and hit the first wave like it was a ramp (I may have even screamed), but to my surprise I didn’t lose any teeth when coming down because there was no hard impact to speak of. The deep, sharp hulls split the waves and reentered softly. In fact, once outside the inlet, I tried everything to make the boat pound or ride squirrelly, but to no avail.

High Points:  The boat planes at 36 mph on one engine. Plenty of room to mount electronics at the dash, and “huge” is an understatement for the anchor locker.

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