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Australian 16m Catamaran Ferry Uses Jet Drives

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Published on: 2012/08/07

New ferry handed over.


This Australian Catamaran Ferry uses jet drives to send passengers back and forth to the Bay Islands, without killing turtles and other animals in the propellers.











The first of four new fast ferries for the Southern Moreton Bay Islands was handed over yesterday and should start work within the next few weeks.

“It’s a win win win for everyone” said Member for Redlands, John English before he smashed the bottle of champagne against the blunt bow  of the commercial passenger catamaran at the Aluminium Boats Australia headquarters on the Brisbane River.

Graeme Leishman and John English

Director of Transit Sysems Australia, owner of the BITS ferry service, Graham Leishman agreed and praised John English not only for shepherding the project through the Government Departments but by being instrumental in getting a quarter of the cost of the four new boats subsidised by the Queensland Government.

BITS and Aluminium Boats Australia have literally designed their way out of being an environmental hazard.

With the increased traffic , dugongs and turtles in the shallows of the southern part of the Bay were increasingly getting into harms way.  Consequently, the EPA in its the final version of the Marine Park wanted to slow boats over eight metres to six knots through critical areas of the route between the Bay Islands and the mainland. The EPA had enough evidence to show that wild life was being chopped up and squashed by big fast boats and They argued it was time to stop it.

On the other hand, 1500 signatures on a petition in April last year showed that the move would be very unpopular with the commuters from the islands.  The slowdown would cost them an extra 20 minutes on the journey.

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