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Custom 44′ Party Boat with Palapa Bar

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Published on: 2012/09/13

Our engineering team has designed the ultimate party boat.

Your guests will be thrilled with all this boat has to offer.  Based on a 44’ (13 m) hull  the fully equipped Palapa Bar comfortably seats 17 guests and up 6 guests at the high top tables.

Your guests will enjoy a cruise of the Caribbean waters relaxing in one of the 2 hot tubs located port and starboard or lounging on one of the chaise lounges or the overstuffed pillows near the bow.

Additional features include a dance floor, high quality sound system, TV’s, strategically placed reefer under the bar deck for kegs and fountain drinks, solar fabric roof, pilot house, bathroom and much more!

See below for a concept video and high resolution conceptual drawings.  Contact us for more information, or view our custom boats web page, here:



Concept (click on any photo for a larger view)

The purpose of this boat is to give your guests an initial “WOW!” immediately after leaving the airport at XXXXX. The shuttle will take the guests to the boarding location, to board the water taxi to the resort. However, instead of a regular boat, they find themselves boarding a luxury party boat for the ride to the resort.

The boat is based on a 44′ LOA (length overall) by 23′ beam (overall width) catamaran hull. It includes a pilot house, a bathroom with shower, a cooking area, a bar, beer keg cooling, storage lockers, thatched roof, high top tables, chaise lounge area, jacuzzi, throw pillows, a dance floor, steps to get into the ocean, tie up area for jet skis, modern electronics, quiet motors, among other features.

Such a complex boat requires the selection, inclusion and deletion of many options and design ideas. Some of those options and ideas follow for your consideration.


The main deck of the taxi boat is divided into a few main areas:

  • Bar Area
  • Spa Area
  • Dance Area
  • Command and Control Area
  • Refrigerated Storage
  • Preparation / Storage Area
  • Security and Monitoring System
  • Equipment Area




Bar Area

This is the main service area accommodating 23 seats for guests that wish to sit at the bar and enjoy some shade.

The bar will be the main point for guests and staff to interact, allows plenty of room for guests to mingle, and is the point where food and drink are served or handed to the wait staff.

This area will also house the audio and video gear; televisions, speakers and other equipment of that nature. The guests will have an opportunity to use the internet services with their smart phones, call home with the supplied internet phones, and/or watch satellite television.

The port side is clear for the wait staff to use as a pick up point for prepared drinks. Ice chests, blenders and other bar equipment will be housed under the bar, a beer tap and a soda dispenser housed above. The palapa thatched roof will provide shade and cover in case of rain.

This is a list of proposed items for the bar area:

Bar Equipment:

  • Bar specific dishwasher
  • Beer tap for 8 flavors of draft beer
  • Brine filled chiller for wine bottles
  • Ceiling fans (2)
  • Dispenser for 6 flavors of soda
  • Dual drinking water tap
  • Ice boxes for chilled bottles (2)
  • Industrial drink blenders (2)
  • Industrial triple sink
  • Mist spray comfort system
  • Overhead drinking glass storage
  • Plate and cutlery storage
  • Rack for BIB (bag in box) syrup boxes
  • Small freezer for ice cream used in drinks


  • Audio amplifier and Speakers
  • CCTV security cameras
  • Flat screen televisions (4)
  • Lighting controls
  • Microphones and audio mixer
  • Overhead ceiling fans
  • POS system for inventory control
  • Radio for communication with the pilot
  • Satellite receivers (2)
  • Digital song and movie library
  • VOIP Phone for communication with world

Spa Area

Chaise lounges, surrounded by port and starboard hot tubs, decorate the spa area just forward of the bar.

There are two hot tubs, to balance the massive weight of the water in the tubs, and so the guests can enjoy a more intimate environment (perhaps one spa is clothed, and one is clothing optional?)

Each hot tub has an outboard wall made of clear plexiglass. This allows sunlight to come in to the tub, allows the guests to view the sea life, and creates a unique experience for your resort.

The spa area is situated just forward of the bar area, so the wait staff can be close to the bar and the guests on the chaise lounges and in the hot tubs. Large under-deck compartments will transport the guests’ luggage during the voyage from/to the resort.

Details and dimensions:

  • each window is 6′ wide and 3′ deep
  • each hot tub is 6′ long and 4′ wide, and holds about 400 gallons each
  • minimum 1.35” thick plexiglass (according to the calculation by Acrylite plastics)
  • each hot tub will fit 6 guests comfortably using benches molded to the sides of the hot tubs
  • the water will be heated by engine heat from the electrical generators
  • four or more chaise lounges can be placed between the hot tubs
  • Three under-deck storage compartments, between the hot tubs, each 3′ deep, with door openings 6′ x 4′, provide 216 cubic feet of water tight storage space for guests’ luggage

Dance Floor and Relaxation Pillows

No party is complete without a dance floor. The bow is adorned with a varnished wooden dance floor. No dance floor is complete without a pole to dance with. We’ve got that covered!

The dance floor allows your guests to really let loose, enjoy the Caribbean sun, music, drinks and the great service aboard. For the very adventurous, the spinning pole adds a bit of risqué.

After a few dance numbers, the guests can throw themselves on the stuffed pillows surrounding the dance floor. These pillows allow the guests to carry on conversations with their friends in the hot tubs and the chaise lounges.

The dance pole doubles as a support for the retractable roof made of sun-shade fabric and supported by removable poles port and starboard.

Details and dimensions:

  • The dance floor is 8′ x 8′
  • The pillows are covered with material designed for marine use
  • There are 2 additional and removable poles, one for port and starboard, to act as support for the retractable roof made from sun-shade fabric.
  • The retractable roof fabric is not water permeable, to protect from rain and sun.
  • Four inflatable rescue rafts are housed in the bow compartment, underneath the area covered by pillows.


Command and Control Center

The command and control center is situated inside the pilot house above the main deck, accessible by a vertical ladder and a locking door.

The pilot house has control of the ship’s engines, electrical, entertainment and navigation systems.

From the second deck the pilot is isolated from the noise and craziness of the party deck so that he may concentrate on the safe passage of the boat and its guests.

The pilot house has its own lighting and ventilation system, includes a sky light and windows all around. The location of the pilot house gives the pilot clear view of the passenger boarding ladder and the port side of the vessel, for safer and easier docking. The roof over the preparation area allows a lookout to stand watch over the starboard side for safe docking maneuvers.

Details and equipment:

  • Auto-tracking marine satellite antenna for television and internet
  • Depth gauges, display for sonar transducer
  • Electrical generator controls
  • Engine controls and gauges
  • GPS antenna and receiver
  • House lighting and electrical control panels
  • Internet WI-FI router
  • Navigation lighting, horns and rudder controls
  • Radar display and antenna
  • Satellite antenna for tracking ship’s location
  • Security, Tracking and Monitoring System control panel
  • Shore power monitoring gauges
  • Television monitors for on-board CCTV cameras
  • VHF radio and antenna

Refrigerated Compartment

The deck below the bartenders will house the refrigerated storage for beer kegs and other food and drink items.

Space is always at a premium in a boat, and beer kegs are heavy and bulky. In the warm Caribbean, ice cold beer, water and soda add to the five star experience your guests deserve.

This refrigerated compartment houses 12 half barrel beer kegs, 2 CO2 cylinders, 2 freezer compartments and 5 removable food storage containers. Using 20 removable lids the staff has quick access to the food and equipment below.

The CO2 cylinders are used to dispense beer through the beer taps and to carbonate the soda. The kegs hold beer and purified fresh water for the taps used by the bartenders. The freezer area will hold ice cream boxes and other frozen items. The removable food storage containers are used to house cream, milk, lemons, oranges, olives and other food items used in a well stocked bar.

Details and Dimensions:

  • The compartment is 31” deep, with a 46” x 119” surface (98 cubic feet).
  • The freezer is 6” x 46” x 31” (5 c.f.)
  • The CO2 cylinders each hold 20 c.f.; Enough to dispense 240 gallons of beer and soda
  • Each keg holds 15.5 gallons (124 pints)
  • Each removable food storage compartment is 29” x 10” x 18” (3 c.f.)
  • The refrigerated compartment has internal braces to secure the kegs and other items.
  • The temperature is maintained by an electrically driven compressor and a chilled water system; to maintain temperature while on shore power

Preparation and Storage Area

The rear starboard quarter of the deck is used as a preparation and storage area. This is a flexible space with walls on all but one side.

The area can be home to a large propane grill used for preparing hot food, a storage locker built into the wall can store supplies.

The deck will give access to the propulsion and electrical equipment. The bathroom, accessible from the port side door, near the guest boarding ladder will be fitted with a saltwater flush toilet and an area with a freshwater shower. In addition, a locker will store a Hall Medpac; with enough medication and supplies to treat many medical emergencies.


  • access to wiring and plumbing runs
  • access to propulsion equipment
  • saltwater flush toilet with macerator pump
  • freshwater shower in bathroom
  • water heater for bar wash sinks, dishwasher and shower
  • gas connection for propane grill

Security and Monitoring

A vessel like this needs to be secure. We have included the latest in wireless security, monitoring and tracking technology from Paradox Marine. The tracking system (GOST) will report the vessel’s physical location, course and speed to the resort every few minutes and will plot it on the internet.

This system will alert up to 8 owners, by phone call, email and/or text message if the ship moves out of its predetermined course, if it breaks anchor during the night, or if thieves attempt to steal her. GOST uses inmarsat satellites and is immune to the problems of cellular phone communication. An emergency button allows the pilot to send the ship’s coordinates every few minutes until help arrives.

Six CCTV cameras, placed discreetly throughout the ship will continuously record events even at night. These recordings can be recalled using the internet, even if the ship has been stolen. In the case of a lawsuit or an injury to a guest, video evidence may be the key to ensuring the resort’s innocence. In the case of a theft, video evidence may be the key to finding the culprit.

Sensors will alarm if there is water intrusion, hot refrigerators, shore power failure, hot batteries, smoke in the engine room or an intruder during off hours. These security features as well as acoustic deterrents for the control and engine rooms, or remote turn off of the electrical systems or propulsion systems may be the key to preventing theft of the ship or its electronics.

full drawings


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