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Limousine tours in Cartagena

Categories: Colombia
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Published on: 2012/09/26

From:  Limousine tours reach the streets of Cartagena – Colombia news | Colombia Reports.

Limousine tours reach the streets of Cartagena

colombia travel- limousine


Limousine tours are now glitzing up the Caribbean streets of Colombia‘s coastal city Cartagena.

According to newspaper El Heraldo, the popular beach town of Cartagena is offering limousine tours as of last weekend, a glamorous new addition to the already existing bus, bike and van tours of the city.

The flashy new way of seeing Cartagena’s sites and tourist attractions has already drawn quite a bit of attention.

“I saw the limousine parked in front of the Torre del Reloj [Clock Tower] and I told my wife to take a picture. One feels as if they are in Hollywood or something like that,” said a tourist from Bogota, Ramiro Alvarez Carmona.

The limousine tours start at approximately $272 for the first hour, and each additional hour is subsequently discounted. The service can allegedly be used for “weddings, birthdays, dinners, tours and corporate events,” or just provide a glamorous ride through the city for any other tourist’s whim.

The limousine service arrived in Cartagena as an initiative of the company North Trading, that allegedly looks to make the most of the city’s potential as the principal tourist destination of Colombia, reported El Heraldo.


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