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Costa Rica Company buys Genesee, Honey Brown Ale, Seagram’s Brewery in USA

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Published on: 2012/10/29

Cerveceria Costa Rica has agreed to buy, at a cost of $388 million, North American Breweries Holdings, the largest independent brewer in the U.S.

Friday, October 26, 2012


Florida Ice & Farm Buys Brewery in USA – CentralAmericaData :: The Regional Business Portal.

The Costa Rican company Florida Ice and Farm Co., SA (“FIFCO”) announced today that its subsidiary Cerveceria Costa Rica, SA (“CCR”) has signed an agreement to purchase North American Breweries Holdings, LLC and its subsidiaries (“NAB”), the largest independent brewer in the United States, owned by KPS Capital Partners, LP for $388 million. The closing of the transaction is subject to requirements laid out in a competition defense notification by Hart-Scott-Rodinoy to be reviewed by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission.

NAB has a portfolio of 10 families of brands in all of the most important segments of beer in the U.S., including imported beers like Labatt (leading Canadian beer) and Imperial (number one brand of beer in Costa Rica), craft beers (MagicHat, Pyramid, Dundee, Mac Tarnahan’s and Buffalo Bill’sBrewery), authentic American beers (Genesee and Honey Brown) and malt beverages such as the brand Seagram’s Escapes.




Best Boat Buying Tips | What to Ask When Buying a Boat

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Published on: 2012/10/25

From:  Best Boat Buying Tips | Boating Magazine.

Boat Buying Answers

Use this guide to get the answers you need before making that big purchase.

Q: When is the best time to buy a boat?

A: Beautiful question! And it makes this story all the more timely. It’s boat-show season. It’s winter. This is when you’ll find the best deals because sellers want to get boats moving through the pipeline; late fall is pretty good too, when everyone wants to move inventory. “It’s a buyer’s market,” naval architect Lou Codega says. “Anybody who walks in with money should expect to be treated very, very well.” But you need to come into the buying game armed. See, once the seller starts asking the questions, you’re his. Don’t follow. You ask. You lead. And you can do that by asking these 17 — well, 16 now — questions.

Q: Is the manufacturer still in business?

A: This is reality. Since the Great Recession hit back in December of aught-seven, a few businesses have been folding like poker players with crummy hands. Make sure this boat’s manufacturer is up and running, that it will honor the warranty. More on that follows.

Q: Can I have a pre-purchase survey?

A: It’d better be “yes.” If you’re pulling out of the marina in a new $100,000 machine, you want to know that a boat-construction expert poured over every little detail, every nut, every seal, every potential flaw. Your bank or insurance company may demand it anyway. Finding a surveyor is easy: The National Association of Marine Surveyors (it’s even in the name!) and the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (ditto!) have a list. Most of our sources put the cost of inspection at roughly $10 per foot. It’s a minor investment for a serious buy.

Q: Mind if I take her out for a spin?

A: Again, you want to hear “yes.” Never buy a boat without a test spin around the harbor. Oh, sure, the salesman doesn’t want to take the boat off the trailer and put it in the water, and of course he’ll feed you the line that their insurance doesn’t cover it, but, hey, you’re the one spending a fortune here, and you want everything to work. If he won’t let you wet the hull, take your business elsewhere. “I’m amazed at how often people sometimes buy boats without trying them out,” says Winn Willard, director of Hunt Yachts. “Does anyone buy a car without driving it? Honestly, most cars behave kind of the same on the road, but a boat, oh yeah, they could scare you half to death.”

Q: What does the warranty cover, exactly?

A: If the radio blows out in your fresh-off-the-lot Porsche 911, the Porsche dealership deals with it. That’s not always the case with a boat. If the GPS shoots craps, for instance, some dealers will send you to Raytheon. “You always want to know what kind of guarantee there is up front,” says Monterey Boats project manager Roy Ellis. Also ask where you’ll take it for a tuneup. Does the warranty cover that? Get it all in writing.

Q: Who are your point people for warranties with the manufacturer?

A: Some boatbuilders have disbanded their warranty departments in recent months. The builders who are confident in their long-term health still have close relationships with their dealers. The names of the people who handle warranties won’t mean anything to you, but the fact that the dealer knows them will tell you plenty.


Read more at:  Best Boat Buying Tips | Boating Magazine.

Boat Buyer’s Cheat Sheet; What to Look for in a Boat

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Published on: 2012/10/25

From:  Boat Buyer’s Cheat Sheet | Boating Magazine.


You know what kind of boat you want and you have a budget in mind. The only thing you’re missing is the knowledge to differentiate between a pretender and a contender, the little clues that tell you if a builder has done the job right or taken the easy way out. So here it is — on the following pages you’ll find everything you need to know to make that salesman realize he’s not dealing with some hull-thumping wannabe.

Now is the best time to buy your next boat!




Stand at the stern and look forward along the topsides. You’re checking for waves, ripples, pits, or other imperfections. Top-shelf fiberglass work is as smooth as a mirror. Also watch for flat spots on the sides and curves along the length of the chines that could mean the boat was removed from the mold before it cured. While you’re at the stern, eyeball the rubrail. It should be straight with only minor hints of the silicone that’s sealing it. Waviness indicates that the hull and deck didn’t fit together cleanly.


If, in construction, the hull and deck don’t line up, the hull can become twisted as the two parts are forced together. Even small differences can affect handling. To check, tape some string to the bow at the waterline and bring it back along one side of the boat to the edge of the transom. Do the same on the other side. The two lengths of string should be the same.


Traditionally, the best way to join the hull and deck is with bolts and then bonding from the inside with fiberglass. But technology marches on. Methacrylate adhesives, like Plexus, get the job done right also. The best places to look at how the joint was done are inside the anchor locker and engine compartment.


Wood stringers and frames have gotten a lot of bad press since the advent of fiberglass internal support structures. Wood can be acceptable if it’s pressure treated to resist rot and encapsulated in fiberglass. Crawl into the engine room and look for at least 2″ of overlapping glass cloth. You should see no “line bubbles,” which look like white streaks, in the corners. Fiberglass structures must meet the hull evenly and be faired into the hull with putty. Any blobs of putty and lumps of built-up fiberglass is a sign of poor mating or bonding.


Continued at:  Boat Buyer’s Cheat Sheet | Boating Magazine.

The Aruba Shipwreck Directory  Caribbean Shipwrecks

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Published on: 2012/10/21


ARUBA Netherland Antilles
Aruba is the most westerly of the ABC islands of the Netherlands Antilles,
lying 15 miles north of Venezuela. The island is well known for its white
sand beaches, casinos and resorts.

Most diving is done off the island’s west coast, and there are a number of
interesting and historic shipwrecks to be explored.

For more information about Aruba visit the Aruba Board of Tourism’s official website –

click below to the source which has a list of several shipwrecks

source: The Aruba Shipwreck Directory  Caribbean Shipwrecks.

Cartagena Chamber of Commerce with Local Businesses in Orlando

from facebook: Mar Y Sol Twin Hull Boats, Inc.

Theresa Biemer, COO and Domingo Bernardo, President and CEO (center left) of Mar y Sol at round table discussion about Colombia.


From the Board Room at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Metro Orlando where a group of Florida businesses learned from V Adm José Alfonso Diaz, president of Cartagena Chamber of Commerce the development, growth and interest in Colombia business.


Domingo Bernardo, president and CEO (far right) of Mar y Sol at chamber meeting in Orlando

Domingo Bernardo, President and CEO of Mar y Sol listens to V Adm José Alfonso Diaz of Cartagena Chamber of Commerce at a recent meeting. The meeting was hosted by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Metro Orlando. They have been actively working to promote trade with Colombia and invited local businesses to this meeting.




Cartagena Chamber of Commerce Comes to Orlando

from facebook: Mar Y Sol Twin Hull Boats, Inc.

Theresa Biemer, COO and Domingo Bernardo President and CEO of Mar y Sol Twin Hull Boats at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Metro Orlando offices


At a recent meeting on October 19 the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Metro Orlando hosted a round table meeting with  the president of the Cartagena Chamber of Commerce, José Alfonso Diaz. Mar y Sol, along with other local businesses met V Adm. Diaz to discuss  the work his chamber is doing in Colombia to promote business.  It is an exciting time since Colombia is now the 3rd largest Latin American economy and 2nd largest South American economy. Mar y Sol is proud to a part of this growing Colombian economy!

The meeting was hosted by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Metro Orlando. They have been actively working to promote trade with Colombia and invited local businesses to this meeting. 

Thank you to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Metro Orlando for hosting this informative meeting!

The Results Are In For The Third Annual Chivas Regal Aruba Caribbean Cup!


Pres Challenge header

Third Annual Chivas Regal Aruba Caribbean Cup Results!

                  Hey Chama Wins Aruba Carribean Cup


Marina Varadero, Aruba-The Curacao-based Hey Chama team pulled off a down-to-the-wire victory in the third annual Chivas Regal Aruba Caribbean Cup, one of the most exciting finishes in the 17-year history of the Presidential Challenge Conservation Series.

Perhaps best known for not just superb marlin fishing but consistently windy conditions and rough seas, the waters surrounding the island nation of Aruba were unseasonably flat calm during this year’s tournament. While more comfortable for the participating anglers, the conditions produced slow fishing and a very tight field going into the last day. With just six minutes remaining on the third and final day, there were four teams knotted at the 600-point mark.

But showing that anything can happen in tournament fishing, the Hey Chama was mobbed by a trio of sailfish in the closing minutes. Just one remained hooked and was fought to a quick release as time ran out, giving the team of Capt. Irving Irausquin, Leonard and Roland Chapman, Ricky Winkel and Rafael Merentes the win with a total of 700 points.
One of the teams counting down the final minutes was the all-lady angler team fishing with Capt. Milton Pichardo aboard the Teaser, a 35-foot Bertram charterboat based in Aruba. The “Reel Teasers” team of Elizabeth, Natessa and Izaira Mansur and Jackie Croes had moved into the lead on the final day with six sailfish and 600 points. They were leading the fleet based on their time of last release as time ticked down. And while the sailfish release from the Hey Chama signaled a second place finish, the ladies took their efforts in great stride, cheering and toasting their finish with some well-deserved champagne upon their return to port.



A third team celebrated some last-day heroics during the Presidential Caribbean Cup. Robert Van Vliet, Elbert Suares, Jan Geerings and Eric Jansen, fishing aboard the Balkan, another vessel based in nearby Curacao, had not released a billfish going into the third and final day of the tournament. But with marlin worth 300 points and sailfish 100 points, they knew things could change in a hurry. By midday, they had their shot-a pair of white marlin came charging into the spread. Both were successfully hooked and released, rocketing the Balkan from obscurity to third place overall.
In the angler division standings, Rafael Merentes emerged victorious with 600 points, scoring a trio of sailfish  releases (including the all-important tiebreaker) and a white marlin kicker during the tournament on the Hey Chama. Natessa Mansur had an outstanding performance on the Teaser to finish second with 400 points, followed by Alex Mansur, Jr. with 300 points on the Iliza. In the Caribbean Cup, anglers rotate rod positions throughout the day to ensure equality in the shots at fish, while certified observers provided by the tournament provide a level playing field. In addition, 30-pound test line is supplied to all participants, who must use non-offset circle hooks throughout the tournament.
For more information on the Chivas Regal Aruba Caribbean Cup, including dates for next year’s tournament, please visit or become a “Friend” of the Presidential Challenge Conservation Series on Facebook.








The Presidential Challenge Charitable Foundation, Inc. is an independent not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.
A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Division of Consumer Services by calling toll-free (800-435-7352) within the state. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the state.” CH # 24910
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Budget Marine is host to the 44th Annual Spice Island BillFish Tournament

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Published on: 2012/10/18

The Budget Marine Spice Island Billfish Tournament is based at the Grenada Yacht Club located in the lagoon, St. George’s. The yacht club boasts an excellent dock with water, power and fuel available and is conveniently located close to the west coast fishing grounds.



click here for complete details:

Costa Rica – Nicaragua Border Easier to Cross for Cargo

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Published on: 2012/10/17

from:  Prohíben trámites en Aduana de Peñas Blancas – CentralAmericaData :: Central America Data.

Terrestrial traffic often takes up to 3 days to cross the Nicaragua – Costa Rica border.  This increases substantially the cost of products that need to enter or leave Costa Rica.

The customs department is taking steps to remove this delay.

Customs Procedures in Peñas Blancas Prohibited

In order to speed things up at Costa Rica’s main border, from November procedures must be made from companies or other customs offices.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

In April, an article in noted that, at the Peñas Blancas office, “truckers have been taking up to two days to complete the formalities and reviews and be allowed to pass over to the Nicaraguan side.”

Now, the Directorate General of Customs in Costa Rica has decreed that “From November carriers passing through the customs at Peñas Blancas, on the border with Nicaragua, will complete the steps from their company offices or other customs offices located in various parts the country, because in the booths at the border it is no longer allowed. ”

The Director General of Customs, Gerardo Bolaños, said the aim of the measure is “to turn this office into a thoroughfare, not a place of paperwork. The option of carrying out the paperwork elsewhere has always existed, but it has never been an enforced measure, and is not always done; in addition, the current infrastructure has made this exit post a bottleneck, meaning that time gained in doing the processing [in advance]was lost in when it came to driving through. ”


Prohíben trámites en Aduana de Peñas Blancas

Para acelerar el paso por el principal paso fronterizo de Costa Rica, a partir de noviembre los trámites se deberán realizar desde las empresas o en otras sedes aduanales.

Miércoles 17 de Octubre de 2012

En abril, un artículo en señalaba que, en la Aduana de Peñas Blancas, “los camioneros se tardan hasta dos días en realizar los trámites y revisiones y quedar autorizados para pasar al lado nicaraguense.”

Ahora, la Dirección General de Aduanas de Costa Rica decretó que “A partir de noviembre los transportistas que pasen por la aduana de Peñas Blancas, en la frontera con Nicaragua, deberán realizar los trámites desde su empresa o en otras sedes aduanales ubicadas en varias partes del país, pues en las casetillas de paso ya no será permitido.”

El Director General de Aduanas, Gerardo Bolaños, explicó que el objetivo de la medida es “convertir esta aduana en un lugar de paso y no de trámites. La opción de hacer la papelería en otros lugares de manera previa existe desde hace tiempo, pero al no ser una medida obligada, no siempre se hace; además, la infraestructura actual convertía la salida en un embudo, por lo que el tiempo ganado en trámites se perdía igual al pasar.”


Astonishing Video: Sailfish Herding and Attacking Bait Balls

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Published on: 2012/10/17


Underwater footage shows schools of sailfish using their dorsal fins to manipulate shimmering schools of baitfish.
Not everyone gets a chance to enjoy the sight of sailfish balling bait. Luckily, underwater photographer Marc Montocchio jumped in and filmed it for everyone to see. Watch as this school of sails manipulate the bait by surrounding it and using their “sail” fins.

click: Herding Sail Video



The Versatile Catamaran Fishing Boat


If you’ve ever seen catamaran fishing boats then you will have some idea of what this article is going to say. If you haven’t seen catamaran fishing boats they are a unique and interesting design. Catamaran fishing boats are basically two hulls set on a single frame. Usually the desk of a catamaran fishing boat sits in between these two hulls. These fishing boats are a more recent addition to fishing boat designs in Europe and in the West. However in the eastern islands catamaran fishing boats have been in use for hundreds of years. Because of the design of these boats they are usually fast and stable as fishing craft and their design means that they have less pitch during rough seas. These boats are usually lighter in weight than their traditional counter parts.


Catamaran fishing boats are either power or sail based. Sail based boats are usually more pleasure craft based than the power based boats. Because of the design of catamaran fishing boats they often have a variety of features that are not always available in traditional designs. These boats have two hulls this can increase the amount of available storage space for features such as fish lockers – so that you can store the fish and keep it fresh.

Catamaran fishing boats come in a variety of sizes with either internal engines or high powered outboard engines. There are also a variety of different types of catamaran fishing boats. There are rough water boats, shallow water boats as well as inflatable boats now being made. There are even catamaran fishing boats being used with alternative fuel option engines. This is a good idea because you can choose to use your favorite fuel.

As a result of their versatility you can find catamaran fishing boats in any size and for any type of fisherman. There are small boats which only carry a few people and there are others that that do deep sea and long haul ocean fishing. Catamaran fishing boats are popular boats with a unique and interesting design of. These fishing boats are sleek and fast. These boats offer you a level of stability which you do not see being offered with traditionally designed boats. If you’re skeptical about the design of these boats – don’t be they have been in use in some areas of the world since the 5th century. When you are looking for your next fishing boat, why not look at a catamaran fishing boat for your fishing needs. These boats won’t disappoint you and will leave you feeling good about your purchase.



Catamaran Fishing Boats – Exciting Features Revealed

One of its kind boats the Catamaran fishing boats have an interesting design and are basically two hulls set on a single frame. This type of boat has a very unique design. The construction is simple and you will notice that the desk present in the catamaran fishing boat sits in between the provided two hulls. Actually the fact is that these fishing boats have been recently added in Europe and the West. And also these boats have been in use from earlier times in the Eastern islands. Their design enables them to be fast and stable for fishing and also provides the boat a lower pitch during the moment in those rough seas. When compared to the other different boats these catamaran fishing boats are much lighter in their weight.

Expert Author Abhishek Agarwal

These boats have a unique type of power or sail base. If you have to choose a boat between the two bases then it’s suggested to choose the sail based boats as they are mostly pleasure craft, where as its not the same with the catamaran power based boats. Their design enables them to have features not always available in traditional designs. Structure of these fishing boats is such that there are two hulls which gives more space for storing huge amount of fresh fishes. And also these spaces are provided with lockers for storage.

These special boats come in varied sizes with internal or high power external engines. The variety of these boats is huge. There are a variety of catamaran boats from rough water boats, to shallow water boats, even to inflatable ones and boats with alternative fuel option engines enabling you to select your favorite fuel.

Due to such wide variety of catamaran fishing boats you will have the choice of selecting boat of any size. And for the fisherman?s too there is wider choice in this boat category .fisherman can not only choose according to size but can also decide to have this boat based on the engine. Few of these fishing boats can carry couple of people and the other variety of boats in this category can be used to sail in deep sea and also that long haul ocean. These fishing boats are not only sleek in design but also their speed is very exciting. Like any old boats which were used earlier these fishing boats provide a special good stability feature. Since fifth century these fishing boats with their unique designs are in use in many parts of the world. People who are interested in fishing can always anytime opt for these sleek fishing boats. These boats will be fun and you can enjoy good afternoon fishing. So those people interested should get more information on buying one.

Article Source:


The Best Saltwater Fishing Boat

A Boat Captain embraces twin hulls as the best saltwater fishing boat!

What is the ideal saltwater fishing boat? Hi, my name is Captain Roy Lawson I have been fishing in saltwater in Southern California since 1962, I have set or have helped others set forty one International Game Fish Association world records, I have owned and operated Top Gun Charters since 1978. I have skip-pered half day party boats, three quarter day party boats, all day party boats, and overnight tuna boats out of San Diego. I have owned boats from a forty five foot twin diesel six pack sport fisher down to the twenty four foot cuddy cabin walk around I now drive, there have been many boats in between these two.

All boats are a trade off between form and function, what looks great on the showroom floor may be your worst nightmare when you try to fish from it. I have been to many boat shows and less than five percent of the boats would make a really great saltwater fishing boat. I have spent the better part of my life in boats fishing on the ocean. Now after forty years of ocean fishing here is my choice for the ultimate salt water fishing boat. I won’t name any boat company’s because that way you know I am not writing an ad for anyone.



A catamaran is the best riding boat I have ever ridden in, the twin hulls slice through the waves without the pounding of a single hull boat, they don’t rock and roll when beam to the seas, they just kind of go up and down, and best of all they get almost triple the fuel economy of a single hull boat, and in the era of three to four dollars a gallon fuel, this one feature is huge. You can go much farther on the same amount of fuel.



7 Top Tournament Tips

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Published on: 2012/10/16

Five captains reveal what it takes to win fishing tournament!

Winning a top fishing tournament comes down to luck.  But a quick look at major-­tournament results shows that the same boats often place in the top 10 — whether in the Caribbean for blue marlin, Florida for sailfish, mid-Atlantic for stripes or the Southeast’s kingfish circuit. That can’t be simply luck.

Five captains consistently in that top tier were asked what it takes to win..

Click here at the source to read the hot tips:


Record Breaking 198-Pound Tarpon Caught In Trinidad Waters

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Published on: 2012/10/16


Angler, Jimmy Aboud of team “Outcast” caught a record breaking 198-pound Tarpon in the first session of the Trini Tarpon Tournament which began on Saturday, July 28th 2012. The tournament is being hosted at the Trinidad and Tobago Yacht Club (TTYC) in Bayshore, Trinidad.





Fishing Panama’s Forgotten Coast

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Published on: 2012/10/16

A vast Caribbean wonderland of rivers and reefs invites exploration by anglers.

Fishing Panama is mostly a very one-sided affair, that being its Pacific side. A number of fine fishing resorts on that coast offer world-class action, as is well known internationally.

Not surprisingly, few anglers who fly to Panama to fish these productive waters give the country’s Atlantic coast, to the north, a second thought. After several trips to fish Panama, its northern coast wasn’t on my radar screen either – until I happened to find Seeing aerial photographs of the Caribbean Sea’s southernmost pocket, around Bocas del Toro, changed everything.

Click link below to read more.

100-0311panama 600



AmeraCat 31 Delivers a PowerCat with a “Punch”

Ameracat 31: Power Catamaran with a Punch


This is a power catamaran built for those of us who want the most LOA for the buck, while placing utility at the top of the priority list. That describes me to a tee, and when I first saw an Ameracat sitting at the end of the dock it was love at first sight. The interior has a simple, easy-to-clean spackle finish; the cockpit is free of junk like transom seats (Shut up and hold on, you can sit down when the fishboxes are plugged); and the console cabin is little more than a cave with room for a Porta-Pottie. Simple, for sure, but completely functional as well.

Americat 31 center console

The boat’s utilitarian attitude carries over to its construction. This is essentially a gigantic two-hulled rolled-edge skiff, one that can take up to 600 horses on the transom. That’s not to say the boat is built poorly, because it isn’t. Ameracat doesn’t skimp on strength; the hull is laminated with bi- and tri-axial fabrics, the deck is cored with 1.5” thick Airex high-density foam panels, and the sponsons are pumped full of closed-cell foam. That makes for a single structural component, and when we fired up the twin ETEC 300s and raced through a very busy Biscayne Bay at 50-plus mph, the hull crunched over three-foot boat wakes like a fleet-footed slab of granite.



GOST: “Always There But Never Seen”

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Published on: 2012/10/15


Ocean Security Technologies

Mar y Sol is proud to offer GOST Ocean Securities Technology and Marine Security to our distinctive line to protect your vessel.  GOST products offer a full line of state-of-the-art wireless security, monitoring, satellite tracking, surveillance, acoustic deterrents and cloaking systems for any size vessel from tenders to ships.

GOST systems help protect against theft, fire, smoke, high water in the bilge, low voltage, loss of shore power and intrusion with contact sensors, motion detectors, infrared beam sensors, deck sensors, dock pull away sensors and much more.

 At a recent dealer training seminar, GOST featured their system installed aboard a 62 ft Azimut and how the barrier and acoustic system works.

With sensors, sirens, acoustic sound barriers and flashing lights an intruder can be chased off the boat before it is ever stolen and needs to be tracked.  GOST products deter a criminal using passive, non-lethal methods to protect your vessel.

Click here to watch demo: GOST Barrier & Acoustic Demo

“A vessel never stolen is always in better shape then one that has been recovered.”



Nicaragua: Tax Cuts to Promote Tourism


Nicaragua’s “Concertación Tributaria” (Tax Reform Discussion) includes a proposal to remove the latest taxes to registration of pleasure boats and aircraft.

mamba 350 (2)-500

An article reports that Mario Salinas, chief executive of the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (Intur) noted the positive impact that a review and elimination of taxes collected on the registration of yachts and private aircraft, introduced in 2010, would have on the tourism sector.

According to Salinas, in addition to increasing revenues from entries, this would “establish service centers, that then create jobs, the import of equipment and spare parts plus the ability to create a better tourism offer in terms of supply of private flights, such as helicopter tours in Nicaragua. ”



Additional source:

Nicaragua To Gain A New Airport


Agreement Between Barceló and Nicaragua to Build Airport

A partnership has been formed between the Nicaraguan government and the Spanish group Barceló to build an international airport in the Montelimar resort, in San Rafael del Sur.


An article in reports that “The Government ofNicaragua and the Spanish hotel group Barceló have signed an agreement to build an international airport in the Montelimar resort, in the Pacific, officials said on Sunday. The agreement, which creates a joint partnership between the two parties was signed in a private ceremony in Managua by Nicaragua’s Attorney General Hernan Estrada, and the group’s director for Barceló Central and South America, Juan José Ribas. ”

The State of Nicaragua will have control of the joint venture, as it would hold a 75% stake, with the Barceló group owning the remaining 25%.

The Spanish hotel chain Barceló has two establishments in Nicaragua, a luxury hotel located in the south of the capital, and the other the Barcelo Montelimar Beach Resort & Casino, a resort located on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, 65 miles south Managua. The latter will directly benefit the construction of the proposed international airport, because tourists will arrive not only from within the country but also directly from other Central American countries, including Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Panama.

Colombia is Full of Wonderful Surprises!

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Published on: 2012/10/14

You will fall in love with Colombia! It is a tropical country of incredible diversity and charm. Its ever-changing geography, a history loaded with mystery and adventure, its people and cultures, have fascinated the world for centuries.

Colombia is a country for exploring, resting, becoming acquainted with its history, culture, traditions and falling in love.

Its incredible natural biodiversity, which is represented in 53 protected areas and countless sites of great beauty, is perhaps the main attraction we present to the world.

The complex geographic relief determined various regional identities that multiply the faces of Colombia.

Click here to see the video link to discover the beauty and charm of Colombia ~ Colombia: the only risk is wanting to stay


Be sure you visit about and on our website!

Mar y Sol loves Colombia!






Cartagena: A Caribbean Charm

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Published on: 2012/10/14


Cartagena, the walled city on the Colombian Caribbean declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985, is the country’s most popular destination for first-time visitors. A monument to history, it is in no way destined to yield only to its past. Its vibrant streets behold everyday life and offer many a crossroads to a new start.

Golf Channel graba Especial sobre campos y oferta tirística

Colombia has been included in different travel guides thanks to the independent initiative of foreign visitors and residents. Such is the case with Bistro, a German co-owned restaurant and bakery in the historic center. Publications such as Lonely Planet and the Richard Wiese Travel Guide have reviewed it favorably.

Today the beautiful walled city is host to many tourists to enjoy the history and spectacular Caribbean waters. It is certainly worth a trip!


Be sure you visit about and on our website!

Mar y Sol loves Colombia!

Be sure you visit about and on our website!

Mar y Sol loves Colombia!

Destination: Central America Sport Fishing


Quite possibly the most diverse sportfishing area in the world for different species of sport fish available. Anglers will enjoy fishing for sailfish, dorado, roosterfish and more on the Pacific side of Costa Rica or tarpon fishing, snook, rainbow bass and more on the Caribbean side. Giant marlin fishing and more are available in Panama or you may decide to target bonefish, tarpon and permit in Belize. The inland waterways of Nicaragua are teeming with game fish and let’s not forget the world-class sailfishing in Guatemala. Click on the lodge names below for more information on the Central American destination and species of your choic


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Fast Food Still Booming in Costa Rica


While Chili’s and Buffalo Wild Wings open their first branches inCosta Rica, the established Applebee’s, SubwayQuizno‘s,McDonald‘s, KFC and Teriyaki have increased their investments.

Before the end of the year, Hooters will open its fourth restaurant on Paseo Metropolis, in Cartago, east of San José, with an investment of $1 million.

By 2014 the franchise hopes to double the number of stores nationwide.

Besides the opening of restaurants, the chain plans to build a training center to provide training to their employees.

Meanwhile Chili’s chain will open its second restaurant at the end of the year in the Plaza Lincoln Mall in Moravia and plans five more in the next three years.

With an investment of $700,000, Buffalo Wild Wings last week opened its restaurant in Plaza Tempo, in Escazú, and plans to open four more stores in 2014.

Nicaragua’s Coastal Road

The Tourist Scenic Coastal Highway on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua and Central and South Poneloya could be extended so that it connects with Leon.

 Representatives of the Italian company SPIN are expected to visit the country in the next 60 days, with a technical and financial proposal to build the so-called “Tourist Scenic Coastal Highway on the Pacific and Central and South Coast of Nicaragua.”

At a cost of approximately $200 million, the 138 kilometer four-lane highway will stretch from Punta El Naranjo (on the border with Costa Rica) to Masachapa, through the departments of Rivas, Carazo and Managua. The return on investment for the Italian group will come from toll charges.

René Sabas Gómez writes in that, “The Costanera Highway project will connect and benefit resorts, beaches and coastal cities such as El Ostional, La Flor, San Juan del Sur, the Huacalito project (under construction), Brito, Astillero, Chacocente, Huehuete, La Boquita, Casares, Salinas de Nahualapa, Pochomil, Masachapa and Montelimar, stimulating investment for the construction of new resorts, marinas, tourist projects and even whole new coastal resort towns.


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