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European Crisis is Opportunity for Caribbean & Latin America

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Published on: 2013/01/22

from:  Prepara UE ofensiva empresarial en AL y Caribe | Info7 | Economía.

The European Union (EU) will seek to expand their business presence in Latin America and the Caribbean during a summit meeting with the countries of these regions in Santiago (Chile), 26 and 27 this month

20 January 2013

AP – The annual event aims to review recent economic and political developments on both sides of the Atlantic and discuss how to further bilateral cooperation.

But, in parallel, a delegation of representatives from 40 companies and industry associations in ten European countries seek to break new ground in Latin American markets, with support from the European Commissioner for Industry, Antonio Tajani.

“The trip is part of a series of missions to help the growth of European companies, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs), to take better advantage of international markets that are growing rapidly,” said the European Commission.

Tajani seeks to promote business networking with the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean to promote the internationalization of European firms.

The idea is to take advantage of “strong economic performance” that the region has experienced in the last three years, when the gross domestic product (GDP) of countries grew by 4.5 percent on average.

In addition, the senior official will meet with various Chilean ministers to deepen the implementation of political agreements signed in June 2011 in the areas of SME development, industrial cooperation, tourism and space policy.

Trade Commissioner, Karel De Gucht, will also participate in the European offensive, pressuring Colombia, Peru and Central America to work for early entry into the trade agreements signed with the EU last year.

The Presidents of the Council and the European Commission, Herman Van Rompuy and Jose Manuel Barroso, will require their American counterparts more European investment guarantees, to end the climate of mistrust generated with the expropriations carried out last year by Bolivia and Argentina.

Providing legal certainty to investors is essential to promote high quality investments with social responsibility, said Brussels.

They will also urge that openness be preserved and protectionist measures be avoided in their countries, arguing that it is essential to ensure continued growth and development.

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