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Mar y Sol de Colombia

June 2012:

Mar y Sol is currently working to expand into the beautiful country of Colombia.

Headquartered in Cartagena de Indias, on the Caribbean coast, Mar y Sol de Colombia plans to take advantage of the enormous growth potential in the nautical industry of Colombia in general and the Cartagena, Barranquilla, Santa Marta corridor in particular.

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Colombia and USA just signed a free trade agreement (TLC – May 2012); that essentially reduces the price of boats by about 45%.  This treaty, along with the growth of Cartagena’s commercial shipping port in the last 5 years, has brought the nautical industry to the forefront of Colombian tourism.  Interest is so large, that our arrival prompted a front page, above the fold story in the business section of their most important newspaper, read here.

Mar y Sol plans to take part in the emerging Colombian nautical business by embracing a multi-faceted approach.

  1. Work with the brand new Marina Puerto Velero to provide service to future and existing customers.  The beautiful new marina has wet slips, dry slips, maintenance departments and engine repair shops.  The management of Puerto Velero reports that over half of the purchasers of its 1,500 wet and dry slips are currently in the market for a new boat.  The grand opening is in October 2012, Mar y Sol is working to be the in-house boat supplier.  Marina Puerto Velero predicts that at least one boat will be sold each week on average.  Since over half of their 1500 customers do not currently own or are in the market for a new boat, 52 boats a year does not seem an unreasonable goal.
  2. Sell new boats to the Colombian market, using the reduced tariffs from the TLC agreement.  Click here to view our featured boats Sales Sheet for Colombia.  Our boats represent a radical departure from what is currently available.  Twin hull boats (catamarans) are not sold here by any manufacturer, much less those built with the exacting standards used by Mar y Sol’s manufacturers in the USA.
  3. Provide a medium cost boat rental fleet to the 86 five-star and boutique hotels and resorts in greater Cartagena.  These rental boats provide a much needed service, according the Colombian Hotel Association, and produce floating, visible, daily marketing for the company.  Running past the major tourism spots each and every day, several times a day, showing off the boat’s dependability and ease of operation; the fleet becomes the best marketing department available.  Read more here Flyer for Rental Service; Brochure for Rental Service or view our future webpage here.
  4. Expand the boat rental fleet to nearby Barranquilla soon after the opening of Marina Puerto Velero.  The town of Barranquilla is less than 15 miles from the marina and also boasts of dozens of 5 star hotels desperately needing rental boats for its guests.
  5. Provide a low cost, hotel guest pool and beach safety device to promote Mar y Sol.  By co-branding with Autotether we provide an electronic device that children wear and alarms the parents if the child is submerged.  Read more about it here:  Hotel Safety Device. 
  6. Start Cartagena’s first dinner cruise boat.  In partnership with the restaurant El Santísimo, arguably the finest restaurant in the old city, Mar y Sol de Colombia plans to start a 42 setting, 5 star, 2.5 hour dinner cruise around the beautiful and historic waters of Cartagena.  By being the only dinner cruise available in such a fantastic town, Mar y Sol will undoubtedly be associated with 5 star service, and beautiful ocean cruising.  Such marketing can only further Mar y Sol’s standing in the community as marinas continue to appear in the Caribbean coastline.  Below is an artist’s concept of the dinner cruise boat, click on the thumbnails for a larger view:
  7. Prepare for the growth of the nautical industry and capitalize on the success of the Cartagena commercial shipping port.  The port here has direct routes to nearly 600 ports throughout the world, making it a hub in the maritime industry.  It has been voted as the best American port by ship owners each of the last 5 years and has grown to be the 4th largest port in the western hemisphere, handling over 2 million containers each year.  By investing in what is now low priced real estate near the port, Mar y Sol is positioning itself for a distribution hub to the rest of the Caribbean within the next few years.  Boats made in the USA can be brought through the port, staged in Cartagena, then delivered to any point in the Caribbean within a few days of it being sold.
  8. All these exciting projects are possible with reduced tariffs from the free trade agreement, low real estate prices in the nearly undeveloped Canal del Dique area, and low wages for skilled labor due to the purchasing power of the 2012 US dollar.  Basic ROI and dividend graphs can be seen here; Short Form, Mar y Sol de Colombia  A detailed pro-forma analysis is available to interested investors; please contact Chip at; once you receive the password click here to visit the investor page.

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