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The Versatile Catamaran Fishing Boat


If you’ve ever seen catamaran fishing boats then you will have some idea of what this article is going to say. If you haven’t seen catamaran fishing boats they are a unique and interesting design. Catamaran fishing boats are basically two hulls set on a single frame. Usually the desk of a catamaran fishing boat sits in between these two hulls. These fishing boats are a more recent addition to fishing boat designs in Europe and in the West. However in the eastern islands catamaran fishing boats have been in use for hundreds of years. Because of the design of these boats they are usually fast and stable as fishing craft and their design means that they have less pitch during rough seas. These boats are usually lighter in weight than their traditional counter parts.


Catamaran fishing boats are either power or sail based. Sail based boats are usually more pleasure craft based than the power based boats. Because of the design of catamaran fishing boats they often have a variety of features that are not always available in traditional designs. These boats have two hulls this can increase the amount of available storage space for features such as fish lockers – so that you can store the fish and keep it fresh.

Catamaran fishing boats come in a variety of sizes with either internal engines or high powered outboard engines. There are also a variety of different types of catamaran fishing boats. There are rough water boats, shallow water boats as well as inflatable boats now being made. There are even catamaran fishing boats being used with alternative fuel option engines. This is a good idea because you can choose to use your favorite fuel.

As a result of their versatility you can find catamaran fishing boats in any size and for any type of fisherman. There are small boats which only carry a few people and there are others that that do deep sea and long haul ocean fishing. Catamaran fishing boats are popular boats with a unique and interesting design of. These fishing boats are sleek and fast. These boats offer you a level of stability which you do not see being offered with traditionally designed boats. If you’re skeptical about the design of these boats – don’t be they have been in use in some areas of the world since the 5th century. When you are looking for your next fishing boat, why not look at a catamaran fishing boat for your fishing needs. These boats won’t disappoint you and will leave you feeling good about your purchase.



Catamaran Fishing Boats – Exciting Features Revealed

One of its kind boats the Catamaran fishing boats have an interesting design and are basically two hulls set on a single frame. This type of boat has a very unique design. The construction is simple and you will notice that the desk present in the catamaran fishing boat sits in between the provided two hulls. Actually the fact is that these fishing boats have been recently added in Europe and the West. And also these boats have been in use from earlier times in the Eastern islands. Their design enables them to be fast and stable for fishing and also provides the boat a lower pitch during the moment in those rough seas. When compared to the other different boats these catamaran fishing boats are much lighter in their weight.

Expert Author Abhishek Agarwal

These boats have a unique type of power or sail base. If you have to choose a boat between the two bases then it’s suggested to choose the sail based boats as they are mostly pleasure craft, where as its not the same with the catamaran power based boats. Their design enables them to have features not always available in traditional designs. Structure of these fishing boats is such that there are two hulls which gives more space for storing huge amount of fresh fishes. And also these spaces are provided with lockers for storage.

These special boats come in varied sizes with internal or high power external engines. The variety of these boats is huge. There are a variety of catamaran boats from rough water boats, to shallow water boats, even to inflatable ones and boats with alternative fuel option engines enabling you to select your favorite fuel.

Due to such wide variety of catamaran fishing boats you will have the choice of selecting boat of any size. And for the fisherman?s too there is wider choice in this boat category .fisherman can not only choose according to size but can also decide to have this boat based on the engine. Few of these fishing boats can carry couple of people and the other variety of boats in this category can be used to sail in deep sea and also that long haul ocean. These fishing boats are not only sleek in design but also their speed is very exciting. Like any old boats which were used earlier these fishing boats provide a special good stability feature. Since fifth century these fishing boats with their unique designs are in use in many parts of the world. People who are interested in fishing can always anytime opt for these sleek fishing boats. These boats will be fun and you can enjoy good afternoon fishing. So those people interested should get more information on buying one.

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The Best Saltwater Fishing Boat

A Boat Captain embraces twin hulls as the best saltwater fishing boat!

What is the ideal saltwater fishing boat? Hi, my name is Captain Roy Lawson I have been fishing in saltwater in Southern California since 1962, I have set or have helped others set forty one International Game Fish Association world records, I have owned and operated Top Gun Charters since 1978. I have skip-pered half day party boats, three quarter day party boats, all day party boats, and overnight tuna boats out of San Diego. I have owned boats from a forty five foot twin diesel six pack sport fisher down to the twenty four foot cuddy cabin walk around I now drive, there have been many boats in between these two.

All boats are a trade off between form and function, what looks great on the showroom floor may be your worst nightmare when you try to fish from it. I have been to many boat shows and less than five percent of the boats would make a really great saltwater fishing boat. I have spent the better part of my life in boats fishing on the ocean. Now after forty years of ocean fishing here is my choice for the ultimate salt water fishing boat. I won’t name any boat company’s because that way you know I am not writing an ad for anyone.



A catamaran is the best riding boat I have ever ridden in, the twin hulls slice through the waves without the pounding of a single hull boat, they don’t rock and roll when beam to the seas, they just kind of go up and down, and best of all they get almost triple the fuel economy of a single hull boat, and in the era of three to four dollars a gallon fuel, this one feature is huge. You can go much farther on the same amount of fuel.



Mamba Sport Fishing Hydrofoil Boat; Video

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Published on: 2012/05/29

Click here to watch a Video on the amazing hydrofoil supported Mamba taming the waves! 

Watch a Video on Power Boating in the Mamba 350 Sport Fishing Boat //

Hydrofoil lift is demonstrated with this power catamaran ferry video!

Click here to see a video shot from a camera under the ship!  Impressive demonstration of the lift from a hydrofoil on a 50 knot power catamaran ferry!

Fast Hydrofoil Ferry Demonstration



Twin Vee 35' Mamba with Hysucat hydrofoil








The Twin Vee 35′ Mamba sports the new generation of boat building with enhanced performance using hydrofoil technology! More than $2 million went into the development of this power catamaran. The Hydrofoil is fitted between the two hulls creating not only a pressure difference for an extraordinary lift, but also a smooth ride!

Check it out! You will be impressed!

For more information:

Twin Vee Hydrofoil ~ Fast Sleek and Powerful

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Published on: 2012/04/04



 AWESOME! That is what describes this Twin Vee Catamaran!


The new Twin Vee 35′ Hydrofoil Supported Catamaran is fast, sleek and powerful. Check out these two photos. In one, note the speed of the catamaran and how stable the ride is. AWESOME!  That’s not a bad way to get to your favorite fishing grounds at all.

In the other photo, proof positive that Twin Vee provides the smoothest riding boat on the water today…even in a big MAMBA like the Twin Vee 35′ Hydrofoil Supported Catamaran. Notice how the friends in boat are talking and having a good time — NOT gripping railings to keep from being bounced around. Seeing is believing!



Twin Vee Catamaran’s latest creation to debut in Miami »

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Published on: 2012/02/29

Twin Vee Catamaran’s latest creation to debut in Miami »

Contributed photo<br />The Twin Vee 35 Mamba model offers increased speed, fuel efficiency, range and handling, thanks to hydrofoil technology. Boaters can take demo rides at next week's Miami Boat Show.<br />

Contributed photo The Twin Vee 35 Mamba model offers increased speed, fuel efficiency, range and handling, thanks to hydrofoil technology. Boaters can take demo rides at next week’s Miami Boat Show.

FORT PIERCE — The boat business sure isn’t what it used to be, but one Treasure Coast builder accepts the new world order and is looking to make it even better.

Roger Dunshee, owner and founder of Twin Vee Catamarans in Fort Pierce, is rolling into next week’s Miami Boat Show with a production boat unlike any other made before it in the United States. But for boaters to really appreciate what makes Dunshee’s latest offering special, they will need to look below its decks and specifically between its hulls.

The 35 Twin Vee Hydrofoil Supported Catamaran offers the affordable quality for which the brand has been known, but with innovation that truly sets it apart from similarly designed catamarans and even vee-hulled boats.

The new Twin Vee incorporates the technology of a stainless steel hydrofoil that supports a portion of the watercraft’s weight during operation.

“The performance of this hull is phenomenal,” said Ernest Denning, a resident of Islamorada who recently drove his Twin Vee from Fort Pierce to his home in the Florida Keys. “I’ve had 50 boats and this thing handles like a Porsche.”

Denning said he ran his boat, rigged with twin Suzuki 300 horsepower outboard motors, 220 miles for 5 hours and 45 minutes, averaged 39 mph and used just 150 gallons of gas. He said he owns a Boston Whaler 32 Outrage and his Twin Vee is larger, wider, faster and burns one-third the fuel.

Foiled again

Dunshee said it’s important to adapt boats to the needs of those who are actively boating.

“Adding the foil enables the guy who enjoys fishing to have longer range, run faster and use less fuel,” Dunshee said. “People aren’t giving up fishing. They’re just trying to find ways to be able to do it more affordably.”

Dunshee said the new Twin Vee is available in two lines, a luxury Mamba version and a more economical Twin Vee version.

New Catamaran Design Could Enhance Boat Travel

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Published on: 2012/02/29

View on Travel – New Catamaran Design Could Enhance Boat Travel.


New catamaran design could enhance boat travel
Photo from stock.xchng

Boat lovers will be traveling to Florida for the Miami Boat Show, taking place this year between February 16-20. While the recent tragedy involving the Costa Concordia may have thrown a shadow over cruise vacations, the boat show is expected to demonstrate the continuing allure of water for pleasure boat travelers around the world. A new catamaran that might revolutionize boat travel is among the most anticipated of the vessels to be displayed at the boat show, according to local news source the TC Palm.

Twin Vee Catamarans hopes to wow boat lovers at the Miami Boat Show with its catamaran design unlike any other. The 35 Twin Vee Hydrofoil Supported Catamaran utilizes stainless steel hydrofoil, which supports some of the vessel’s weight while out to sea. The use of hydrofoil makes the boat much lighter, thereby providing the user with a much longer range and better fuel efficiency.

Avid boater and Florida resident Ernest Denning compared the Twin Vee to a top-notch sports car, telling the TC Palm that he has ”had 50 boats and this thing handles like a Porsche.”

Compared to the other boat Denning owns, the Twin Vee is larger and wider, yet is faster and uses only one-third the fuel.

Michigan’s boat business is also finding rejuvenated success. According to The Detroit News, sales of everything from dock space to luxury yachts has increased in the state. Yacht club memberships are also going up, proving the allure of Michigan’s waters is up and coming once again.

The Mamba 350: A Stable Powercat –

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Published on: 2012/02/29

The Mamba 350: A Stable Powercat

A hydrofoil reduces rolling and steadies the ride at high speeds for this catamaran hull.

Most power catamarans deliver a smooth ride in rough seas, but some can be unstable while drifting, rolling in a jerky motion. And, at cruising speeds, some cats can be susceptible to yawing. A Florida builder is using a hydrofoil system in a 35-foot center console cat to reduce rolling and steady the ride at high speeds.

This bow-on perspective shows the double hull shape of the Mamba 350.

This bow-on perspective shows the double hull shape of the Mamba 350.

Richard Pike, president of Mamba Marine in Sarasota, introduced the Mamba 350 in March at the Palm Beach Fla., Boat Show, and I had a chance to drive the boat in Sarasota on a day perfect for a cat test: 18-knot winds with seas 3 to 5 feet. The boat ran through the white-capped waters of the Gulf of Mexico without slamming. I put the engines in neutral and positioned the beam to the sea to gauge stability. No snap rolls. And in a following sea, the Mamba maintained a straight course.

The hydrofoil not only brings stability but raises the running surface to reduce drag and improve efficiency, says Pike. With twin 300-hp Suzuki 4-strokes, the boat cruised at 39 mph, burning 19 gallons per hour, which equates to 2.1 miles per gallon. “That’s very good for a boat of this size,” says Pike, a former Wall Street investor who used to race small sailing catamarans.

In calmer water, the Mamba — built with a solid fiberglass bottom and vacuum-bagged, cored hull sides and decks — leaned into its turns in monohull fashion. Absent were the strong pulling forces common with some cats during high-speed turns — in other words, the boat goes to port, you go to starboard.

The Mamba’s hydrofoil design, called Hysucat, has been around since 1980, developed by Gunter Hoppe of South Africa. On the Mamba, the stainless steel foil is through-bolted into the hulls, spanning the tunnel, and doesn’t extend below the boat’s draft. A vertical strut also supports it.


Editor’s Note: Chris Landry is a staff writer for Soundings Magazine. This article originally appeared in the June 2009 Dispatches.

read more at The Mamba 350: A Stable Powercat –

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