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Enjoying a Morning Cruise Aboard ArrowCat

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Published on: 2013/03/03

Aboard an ArrowCat 30, Mar y Sol Twin Hull Boats takes a morning cruise on the Florida waters heading to sea state one testing the performance of this offshore power catamaran.

Leaving the Palm Beach Garden’s marina, the waters look blissful heading out to sea.  We enjoyed calm waters and warm Florida sun along the intracoastal on this Friday morning.


ArrowCat 30 Starboard Helm

The calm waters of the Florida intracoastal look inviting for our morning cruise on the ArrowCat 30.  As we entered the channel the chop picked up and the smaller monohull vessels did not venture out to the open waters.  They were readily being tossed and turned; rocking and rolling.  Beyond the channel were a few scattered larger monohull vessels experiencing rough chop of the Atlantic.   But not the ArrowCat; it easily cruised through the chop into the Atlantic without any difficulty.  The stability and comfortable cruise was most likely enviable by those who were turning back unable to enjoy the offshore waters.

Looking ahead at the white caps we headed towards conditions between sea state one and two.   The ArrowCat performed like a champ.  This vessel navigated the conditions with ease and exceptional stability.  The hull design handled the ocean extraordinarily. Larger monohull vessels turned back to shore rather than attempt the off shore conditions. The ArrowCat was impressive maintaining course, stability and none of the tortuous rolling sensation the monohulls were experiencing.  Our ride was dry, enjoyable, smooth and quite comfortable!

The ArrowCat 30 Express is a popular boat designed to meet all your boating needs.  It is built tough for your offshore requirements, yet it handles like a champ in shallow draft too.  The ArrowCat line provides families, fishermen and offshore boaters a  safe, comfortable ride with  speed and economy like no other vessel.

Renowned international yacht designer, Roger Hill achieved a proven design to meet the needs for family fun, fishing, scuba, entertaining and much more.  The unique design offers the best of displacement and planing hull technologies with stability, exceptional seaworthiness and fuel economy!

Rob Harty of ArrowCat and Domingo Bernardo of Mar Y Sol enjoying the morning cruise.


This ArrowCat was equipped with twin Suzuki 175s, and weighs 30% less than the same sized mono-hull affording excellent fuel economy.  A hallmark of a power catamaran is fuel efficiency and the ArrowCat 30 delivers!

The ArrowCat 30 top speed is 50 MPH (42 knots) and burns only an impressive 10 gallons per hour at a cruising speed of 20 knots (23 MPH).

We shut off the engines and set adrift.  Again the hull design proved to be superior; stable, solid and comfortable.

All the ArrowCat models feature a multipurpose layout perfect for families, entertaining, fishing and diving.   The L shaped design of the settee allows for plenty of seating and room for walking about the salon.  The area can easily accommodate up to 8 adults comfortably for the day.  The ArrowCat 30 can sleep up to 6 making it a great weekend get-away vessel.

Rob Grgek a local ArrowCat dealer at the helm of the 30 ft ArrowCat

The helm station is positioned in the middle providing lots of visibility, light and comfort for the skipper.  The dash has plenty of room for all the electronics with seat on the starboard for the co-pilot.

The ArrowCat brand has lots to offer for families, fisherman, divers and cruisers.

ArrowCat is hand built with an experienced team using the best materials!  Come aboard and see for yourself!

Contact Mar Y Sol Twin Hull Boats for more information!

Here’s Your Source For Cayman Island Fishing!

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Published on: 2013/02/22


Are you wondering where to find the best spot for bonefish in the Caymans?  Are you interested to try your skill at flyfishing?

Be sure to check the Cayman Island Angler Club; they are the source for your fishing adventures!

Cayman Island Angling Club is a member of the International Game Fish Association and the Billfish Foundation.  Be sure to check their site since many tournaments listed.

ArrowCat Offers Something For Everyone At The Miami Boat Show!

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Published on: 2013/02/14

ArrowCat of Everett WA offers the latest advancements in boating.

Designed by internationally acclaimed Roger Hill, these off shore power catamarans have economy, safety, comfort and speed.

The mulltpurpose layout of an ArrowCat allows for comfortable overnight cruising, serious fishing adventures, diving, even entertaining with family and friends.

Take your family and friends out for a cruise on any one of the 3 models and you will be sure to enjoy generous and pleasant accommodations.  But don’t let the cozy atmosphere fool you.  ArrowCats are serious fishing boats “disguised as a comfortable power catamaran.”

Featured at the Miami Boat Show this year is the ArrowCat 32 Express!

The 32 Express is popular for families, fisherman and divers all year round.  The helm and salon is fully enclosed offering protection from any kind of weather Mother Nature may offer.  The large open aft-deck configuration has extended seating, huge lockers for fish boxes and storage.

The ArrowCat 32 is a great for families.  Come see for yourself!


ArrowCat 32 Express is on display at the Miami Boat Show


If you are looking for more space, the ArrowCat 42 has it all.

The roomy interior and comfortable sleeping is perfect for family cruising.  The aft deck can be configured for your needs and activities .  It provides lots of space for entertaining and dining.

Sleep in comfort in the 2 or 3 stateroom designs which can be taylored to your specifications.

This ArrowCat is tough for your offshore adventures and performs like a champ in deep and shallow draft water.


ArrowCat 42 Flybridge

Be sure to stop to see ArrowCat and Mar y Sol! 

Our staff is multilingual and can assist you pick your the ArrowCat of your dreams!

You will find them outside at the Miami Boat Show Convention Center Booth 3381

Twin Vee Shines At The Miami Boat Show!

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Published on: 2013/02/14

Planning a trip to the Miami Boat Show?  Make sure you visit Twin Vee this year!

In the marina this weekend are 3 of Twin Vee’s premier catamarans on display: 26 ft, 35 ft hydrofoil and the 36 ft Designer Edition!  

  • The 36 ft Designer Edition center console Ocean Cat has a NEW huge designer console and a side door access for optional marine heads, a  NEW walk through transom and additional splash guard on the bow.  Additional features:
    • The instrument console tilts down with easy access to the wiring 
    • Ships batteries mounted under the helm 
    • Two live wells.  
    • 6 rod holders
    • Much more 
    • This is a must see boat!
36 002
Twin Vee 36 ft Designer Edition
36int 002
36 ft Designer Edition features a huge console


Twin Vee at the world headquarters in Fort Pierce build a safe, reliable and quality boat at an affordable price.  Using only the highest standards and quality materials, the craftsman take pride and care to produce a superior product.  You can be assured of a comfortable ride and great performance.

Twin Vee is trusted by customers year in and out.

Come see for yourself at the Miami Boat Show.  Stop by the Marina at Booths 414, 416, 418.  

0396[1]Bonita Springs Firefighters get a New TwinVee

Read more at:  Bonita Springs firefighters get a new life saving boat.

TwinVee Fire fighting boat; Click for Video


Click here (or in picture above) to see new TwinVee firefighting boat on Bonita Springs News

The Bonita Springs Fire Department has upgraded a critical part of it’s life saving equipment.

The boat’s longer, it’s wider, has more storage, safer for us as the rescuers and passengers we have to bring on here,” said Lt. Richard Scott

The 26-foot custom built Twin Vee is equipped to perform fire and medical calls with advanced life support equipment, once it hits the water.

We can keep all the necessary equipment on here that we need, including water rescue equipment, medical equipment, our fire pump, and our foam that goes with it,” said Lt. Scott.

This twin engine, Twin Vee, is replacing the departments 22-foot Boston Whaler.

“One of things this boat is customized with is a rescue door, which gives easy access without hurting someone further.”

It’s thermal imaging will help fire crews spot a boat or someone in the water.

“What you see here is exactly how this would look at night which enables us to help find people, like victims in the water, or helping with navigation.”

Lt. Scott said this boat is essential to station number two.

A lot of the calls we have are in the Gulf, circumstances that aren’t always like today, windy conditions, very rough and that’s typically when people get in trouble.”

Latin American airlines will require over 2,100 new aircraft …

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Published on: 2013/01/25


Nov 16, 2012

According to the recently released Airbus Global Market Forecast (GMF), Latin American airlines will require 2,120 new aircraft between today and 2031, including 1,660 single-aisle, 420 twin-aisle and 40 very large aircraft estimated at $242 billion. Globally, by 2031 some 28,200 new aircraft valued at $4 trillion will be required to satisfy future robust market demand.


With GDP currently growing above the world average, socio-economic indicators predict Latin America’s middle class will double between 2012 and 2031. Additionally, Latin America has become the second most urbanised region worldwide after North America, and by 2031, 10 out of the 92 mega-cities with more than 10,000 daily long-haul passengers will be in the region.

As a result of this region’s dynamic economic growth, Latin America’s air traffic will rise 5.3 percent per year over the next 20 years, well above the world average of 4.7 percent. Benefiting from this, the region’s airlines will grow their own traffic by almost 6 percent per year, the second highest growth globally, only exceeded by those airlines based in the Middle East. Additionally, Latin American airlines’ market share on long-haul routes increased by 8 percent between 2005 and 2011, to reach 21 percent today, showing that they have significant development potential for intercontinental networks.

source:  Airbus Global Market Forecast Airbus: Latin American airlines will require over 2,100 new aircraft ….

Forbes Magazine says CEO Space is “A 2013 Must Attend Business Conference”

Mar y Sol Twin Hull Boat founders, Domingo Bernardo and Theresa Biemer are graduates and active members of CEO Space International.

Theresa and Domingo at the 1212 CEO Space Expo


CEO Space is a combination of a conference, networking event, and trade show. This week long event’s primary goal is to help the executives, entrepreneurs, and other professionals in attendance achieve their goals faster and easier.  It is accomplished through networking opportunities, coaching sessions, team building exercises, and much more. By attending this conference you’ll make connections with key people and other leaders valuable to helping you achieve your professional and business goals.

CEO Space and Berny Dorhmann has assembled a large faculty staffed by an “all star team of Fortune management advisers.”  They come here to donate their time and knowledge and readily give advice and counsel.  Here at Trade Show Forums held 5 times each year you will rub elbows with well renowned business professionals, writers and speakers.


Bob Proctor at 1212 CEO Space International

One of the many featured faculty members is Bob Proctor, a well respected, highly sought out speaker in the world on the topic of getting rich.  His principles are based on the book by Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich which had a dramatic change in his own life.  For over 40 years, Bob Proctor has been the leader in the power of positive thinking and self-motivation.

Whether it is renowned speaker like Bob Proctor or Les Brown, business professionals like Harry Lay, best selling writers like Dolf de Roos or entertainment personalities like Rhonda Britton, CEO space offers an amazing resource for its members!

Whether it’s networking with potential clients or learning about the latest trends, attending conferences is one of the most valuable investments you can make personally and professionally. The 2013 conference line-up is full of great options for entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, and those wanting to get a step ahead in business

Forbes is correct ~CEO Space is THE place to be for your business.




source: Must-Attend 2013 Conferences for Entrepreneurs – Forbes.






Costa Rica Currency Continues Rise vs Dollar

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Published on: 2013/01/22


January 2013

The Costa Rican Economy is experiencing an unprecedented entry of US Dollars as world wide investors seek productive returns.  The influx of dollars has become a problem for Costa Rica’s long standing monetary policy, which is to “loosely peg” with the dollar, so that the exchange rate stays near 540 Colones per USD — the Colón is currently trading at the “established floor” of 500.

¿Dólares ó Colones?

Dollars flood the Costa Rican economy for two major reasons:

  1. Foreign investment into the Costa Rican economy — Walmart, IBM and many other firms have invested hundreds of millions in the past two years
  2. Foreign Exchange (FOREX) traders — speculators will purchase Colones,  currently yielding near 9%, and give up dollars which are currently yielding near 0.5%.

The question of the increasing value of the Colón vs the continually decreasing value of the dollar has many groups in Costa Rica in a fierce debate.  The continual increase affects business, mostly the tourism and the export trades.

Exporters receive payment in foreign coin, but then must pay for services in local currency.  Tourism suffers because tourists can purchase less vacation for their money.  However, the increasing value of the currency leads to a more stable environment and an increase in worldwide investment and which eventually means more wealth for the citizens of the country.

Costa Rica can leave this situation alone, causing their exports and tourism to suffer, slowing the economy.  An alternative is to artificially lower interest rates to better match the USD, further accelerating the economy and possibly causing large inflation.  They can also print more Colones which causes inflation and modestly accelerates the economy.   Another choice is to release the Colón from the US Dollar, allowing the Colón to float in the international currency market.  There are even cries to abandon the local currency and simply accept the dollar as the new currency.

Any decision will need to be done quickly, since Costa Rica is a relatively small nation with a small economy.

Read more at:


Costa Rica tops Latin American ranking of outsourcing services

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Published on: 2013/01/21


“San José is one of the most impressive services destinations in the continent,” study says.

The “Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations Report 2013” places Costa Rica as the best country in Latin America for outsourcing operations and 13th worldwide.

The private study released by global consulting and investment firm Tholons indicates that Costa Rica climbed five positions from the 2012 index and is “a key player in the corporate services industry and information technology in Latin America and the world.”

“San José, Costa Rica, remains one of the most impressive destinations in the region. It surpassed bigger cities like São Paulo and Buenos Aires, consolidating the city as one of the big winners in the 2013 list,” the report cited.

Foreign Trade Minister Anabel González said Wednesday in a statement that this prominent position is a direct result of the work done to develop and consolidate the services sector in Costa Rica.

Gabriela Llobet, executive director of the Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency, added that the Tholons ranking also reflects that the country now competes not only with continental leaders but also directly with global giants such as India, Poland, Ireland and Malaysia.

The only two countries in Central America that made the list besides Costa Rica were Nicaragua and Guatemala, appearing at the bottom of the ranking at 95 and 96, respectively.

source: Costa Rica tops Latin American ranking of outsourcing services / News Briefs / Current Edition / Costa Rica Newspaper, The Tico Times.

Tourism Opportunities to Central America Increases

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Published on: 2013/01/11

Despite the downturn in the major economies, more and more tourists traveling the globe are looking for the kind of experiences that Central America has to offer.


The opportunities are there. Demand for tourist destinations such as the ones Central America can offer is firm and is increasing every year.

What is essential is that the quality of tourism services on offer be increased, particularly ensuring that tourists are not affected by the criminal violence that pervades the region.

A statement from the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) reads:

Tourism grows in the world despite the international crisis
International tourist arrivals grew by 4% a year worldwide between January and August of 2012 and is nearing for the first time the 1,000 million mark for December, said the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

According to the UN agency, tourism figures climbed 5% in emerging economies, compared with 4% in developed countries.

The WTO, which predicts an overall growth of no more than 4% for the year, said Chinese spending on travel abroad grew significantly.

Source: CentralAmericaData.COM







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Published on: 2013/01/11

CEO Space and Beyond !

Mar y Sol Twin Hull Boat founders, Domingo Bernardo and Theresa Biemer just returned from the CEO Space International 1212 Forum.

CEO Space International is a private, members only organization promoting cooperative entrepreneurial business relationships. For almost 30 years at Forums held 5 times a year, CEO Space International has demonstrated  the model of “Cooperative Capitalism” does in fact work!   Through these Forums and reinvented trade shows, professionals and entrepreneurs gather together in a collaborative effort to achieve professional goals in an accelerated time frame.

Mar y Sol founders, Domingo Bernardo and Theresa Biemer attend MBA level classes, workshops, personal meetings and meal times with faculty from Fortune 500 companies.  These all-star mentors come to CEO Space to openly share their knowledge and experience. The faculty is an essential part of the CEO Space community and spends long hours with the members. These experienced professionals are from international institutions, businesses and government.  Many are best-selling authors and speakers.  All these mentors have a world-wide reputation and work tirelessly during the Forum.

Notable speakers, writers, and business professionals like Berny Dohrmann, Les Brown, Bob Proctor, Harry Lay, Bill Walsh, Dolf de Roos,  Bob Circosta, Hugh Ballou, Rhonda Britten, Robert Johnson, Andy Paige and more are some of the faculty that work tirelessly throughout the Forum.

The Expo is the highlight at the end of the week where graduates return to meet new members.  Mar y Sol was able to display an American Offshore 28 ft performance catamaran at 1212 Forum.  This beautiful twin hull boat features a 850 HP super charged V8, can comfortable seat 12 people for a day at the ocean or one speedster up 85 MPH! It was a hit with all attendees!

Mar y Sol continued on business travels after the Forum and headed to visit top business professionals around the country.  We just returned after a month long trip and driving over 9400 miles promoting Mar y Sol.  It was a huge success!

Be sure to view our facebook page: for more pictures.

Mar y Sol gets some selling tips from Bob Circosta of the Home Shopping Network
Terry with Bill Walsh at the CEO Space 1212 Expo


Wow, More Countries are Investing in Nicaragua

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Published on: 2012/11/10


A surprising 55% of Nicaragua’s direct foreign investment comes from Canada, USA and Spain and with 284 new projects in the works, the country is poised to increase those numbers.


What he did grow foreign direct investment in 2011 are 284 new projects were able to attract, whose capital comes from 41 countries “the highest amount in history,” according to investment promotion agency ProNicaragua.

Alvaro Baltodano, presidential delegate for investment, is confident that “excellent results” obtained allow Nicaragua occupies the first place in Latin America and the Caribbean, growth in foreign investment attraction. “We’ll know when all countries to finish their numbers,” said Baltodano.

But the position is privileged because ProNicaragua, the Central Bank of Nicaragua (BCN) and the Ministry of Development, Industry and Trade (MIFIC), consolidated indicators and regional level confirm that Nicaragua was “for four consecutive year, the highest” FDI as a percentage of GDP, with 14.1 percent.

Total foreign direct investment during the period 2007-2011 was 2,917.88 million, driven mainly by the energy, telecommunications and free zones, which represented on average 70 percent of the total.



source: Wow, More Countries are Investing in Nicaragua | Tropical Daily.

ProExport Colombia Visits Mar Y Sol at Twin Vee Factory

Colombia represents an enormous opportunity for investors.

With the signing of the Free Trade Agreement, the country has opened its doors to the United States to expand its market in many sectors.  Mar Y Sol recognizes this opportunity and actively working to partner with Colombian and U.S. businesses and organizations.  We invited ProExport Colombia to visit Twin Vee Catamaran factory and meet Roger Dunshee, the founder, owner and CEO of Twin Vee !

Twin Vee Catamarans of Fort Pierce, Florida has prided itself on producing a safe,

Roger Dunshee

reliable quality boat at an affordable price.  Customers trust the name and the performance. As founder, Roger Dunshee states, Twin Vee Catamarans are “the best riding boats on the water.”  Over time, these well crafted boats will still hold their value!

Recently, Sergio Rodríguez, Foreign Investment Representative of ProExport Colombia visited the Twin Vee factory in Fort Pierce, Florida.  ProExport promotes “nontraditional exports, international  tourism and foreign investment” in Colombia.  They assist to identify market opportunities, assist to design strategies for the market segment, promote foreign direct investment in Colombia and much more.

Sergio Rodríguez

One of the market sectors that has been on the upswing is tourism.  Along the Colombian Caribbean coast line are cities poised for expansion in this sector.  Cartagena, is an urban center with almost 1 million residents and home to one the most important international ports.  Recreational tourism, beaches and development of the marine market is underway.  Rosario Islands, Barú and Santa Marta are known for the recreational tourism all surrounded by the beautiful Caribbean waters.

Mr. Rodríquez explained that ProExport’s tourism office is located in Cartagena and offers services for the cruise ships and hotels. Domingo Bernardo, CEO and president of Mar y Sol explained the business plan and development for Colombia. The company will offer boating services and products to hotels, cruise ships, marinas and recreational boaters.  It was agreed by all, that Mar y Sol Twin Hull Boats and Twin Vee Catamarans can in fact fill that niche and importantly, ProExport Colombia has offered assistance to Mar y Sol.

At a round table discussion,  Roger Dunshee  explained the benefits of  power catamarans and why the Twin Vee brand is so unique. Mr. Rodríguez had a tour of Twin Vee factory and able to see the quality of the construction which has made these boats famous.  Mr. Rodríquez was introduced to the latest technology in boating: the Twin Vee  Hydrofoil Supported Ocean Cat.   This advancement in boating creates a lift, runs on top of the waves, less resistance, lower horsepower and less fuel!

Twin Vee Hydrofoil Supported Ocean Cat


Mar y Sol Twin Hull Boats is proud to represent Twin Vee Catamarans and to introduce these legendary boats to the Colombian market! With the enormous growth of the marine and recreational tourism, Mar y Sol along with Twin Vee  will fill a niche in the nautical market.

Thank you to Mr. Sergio Rodríguez for your visit and Mr. Roger Dunshee of Twin Vee for the factory tour!




Here Is Why You Want To Invest In Colombia!



Invest in Colombia

Home / Why Colombia?



Cartagena Chamber of Commerce with Local Businesses in Orlando

from facebook: Mar Y Sol Twin Hull Boats, Inc.

Theresa Biemer, COO and Domingo Bernardo, President and CEO (center left) of Mar y Sol at round table discussion about Colombia.


From the Board Room at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Metro Orlando where a group of Florida businesses learned from V Adm José Alfonso Diaz, president of Cartagena Chamber of Commerce the development, growth and interest in Colombia business.


Domingo Bernardo, president and CEO (far right) of Mar y Sol at chamber meeting in Orlando

Domingo Bernardo, President and CEO of Mar y Sol listens to V Adm José Alfonso Diaz of Cartagena Chamber of Commerce at a recent meeting. The meeting was hosted by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Metro Orlando. They have been actively working to promote trade with Colombia and invited local businesses to this meeting.




Cartagena Chamber of Commerce Comes to Orlando

from facebook: Mar Y Sol Twin Hull Boats, Inc.

Theresa Biemer, COO and Domingo Bernardo President and CEO of Mar y Sol Twin Hull Boats at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Metro Orlando offices


At a recent meeting on October 19 the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Metro Orlando hosted a round table meeting with  the president of the Cartagena Chamber of Commerce, José Alfonso Diaz. Mar y Sol, along with other local businesses met V Adm. Diaz to discuss  the work his chamber is doing in Colombia to promote business.  It is an exciting time since Colombia is now the 3rd largest Latin American economy and 2nd largest South American economy. Mar y Sol is proud to a part of this growing Colombian economy!

The meeting was hosted by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Metro Orlando. They have been actively working to promote trade with Colombia and invited local businesses to this meeting. 

Thank you to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Metro Orlando for hosting this informative meeting!

Astonishing Video: Sailfish Herding and Attacking Bait Balls

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Published on: 2012/10/17


Underwater footage shows schools of sailfish using their dorsal fins to manipulate shimmering schools of baitfish.
Not everyone gets a chance to enjoy the sight of sailfish balling bait. Luckily, underwater photographer Marc Montocchio jumped in and filmed it for everyone to see. Watch as this school of sails manipulate the bait by surrounding it and using their “sail” fins.

click: Herding Sail Video



Catamaran Fishing Boats – Exciting Features Revealed

One of its kind boats the Catamaran fishing boats have an interesting design and are basically two hulls set on a single frame. This type of boat has a very unique design. The construction is simple and you will notice that the desk present in the catamaran fishing boat sits in between the provided two hulls. Actually the fact is that these fishing boats have been recently added in Europe and the West. And also these boats have been in use from earlier times in the Eastern islands. Their design enables them to be fast and stable for fishing and also provides the boat a lower pitch during the moment in those rough seas. When compared to the other different boats these catamaran fishing boats are much lighter in their weight.

Expert Author Abhishek Agarwal

These boats have a unique type of power or sail base. If you have to choose a boat between the two bases then it’s suggested to choose the sail based boats as they are mostly pleasure craft, where as its not the same with the catamaran power based boats. Their design enables them to have features not always available in traditional designs. Structure of these fishing boats is such that there are two hulls which gives more space for storing huge amount of fresh fishes. And also these spaces are provided with lockers for storage.

These special boats come in varied sizes with internal or high power external engines. The variety of these boats is huge. There are a variety of catamaran boats from rough water boats, to shallow water boats, even to inflatable ones and boats with alternative fuel option engines enabling you to select your favorite fuel.

Due to such wide variety of catamaran fishing boats you will have the choice of selecting boat of any size. And for the fisherman?s too there is wider choice in this boat category .fisherman can not only choose according to size but can also decide to have this boat based on the engine. Few of these fishing boats can carry couple of people and the other variety of boats in this category can be used to sail in deep sea and also that long haul ocean. These fishing boats are not only sleek in design but also their speed is very exciting. Like any old boats which were used earlier these fishing boats provide a special good stability feature. Since fifth century these fishing boats with their unique designs are in use in many parts of the world. People who are interested in fishing can always anytime opt for these sleek fishing boats. These boats will be fun and you can enjoy good afternoon fishing. So those people interested should get more information on buying one.

Article Source:


GOST: “Always There But Never Seen”

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Published on: 2012/10/15


Ocean Security Technologies

Mar y Sol is proud to offer GOST Ocean Securities Technology and Marine Security to our distinctive line to protect your vessel.  GOST products offer a full line of state-of-the-art wireless security, monitoring, satellite tracking, surveillance, acoustic deterrents and cloaking systems for any size vessel from tenders to ships.

GOST systems help protect against theft, fire, smoke, high water in the bilge, low voltage, loss of shore power and intrusion with contact sensors, motion detectors, infrared beam sensors, deck sensors, dock pull away sensors and much more.

 At a recent dealer training seminar, GOST featured their system installed aboard a 62 ft Azimut and how the barrier and acoustic system works.

With sensors, sirens, acoustic sound barriers and flashing lights an intruder can be chased off the boat before it is ever stolen and needs to be tracked.  GOST products deter a criminal using passive, non-lethal methods to protect your vessel.

Click here to watch demo: GOST Barrier & Acoustic Demo

“A vessel never stolen is always in better shape then one that has been recovered.”



Nicaragua To Gain A New Airport


Agreement Between Barceló and Nicaragua to Build Airport

A partnership has been formed between the Nicaraguan government and the Spanish group Barceló to build an international airport in the Montelimar resort, in San Rafael del Sur.


An article in reports that “The Government ofNicaragua and the Spanish hotel group Barceló have signed an agreement to build an international airport in the Montelimar resort, in the Pacific, officials said on Sunday. The agreement, which creates a joint partnership between the two parties was signed in a private ceremony in Managua by Nicaragua’s Attorney General Hernan Estrada, and the group’s director for Barceló Central and South America, Juan José Ribas. ”

The State of Nicaragua will have control of the joint venture, as it would hold a 75% stake, with the Barceló group owning the remaining 25%.

The Spanish hotel chain Barceló has two establishments in Nicaragua, a luxury hotel located in the south of the capital, and the other the Barcelo Montelimar Beach Resort & Casino, a resort located on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, 65 miles south Managua. The latter will directly benefit the construction of the proposed international airport, because tourists will arrive not only from within the country but also directly from other Central American countries, including Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Panama.

Colombia is Full of Wonderful Surprises!

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Published on: 2012/10/14

You will fall in love with Colombia! It is a tropical country of incredible diversity and charm. Its ever-changing geography, a history loaded with mystery and adventure, its people and cultures, have fascinated the world for centuries.

Colombia is a country for exploring, resting, becoming acquainted with its history, culture, traditions and falling in love.

Its incredible natural biodiversity, which is represented in 53 protected areas and countless sites of great beauty, is perhaps the main attraction we present to the world.

The complex geographic relief determined various regional identities that multiply the faces of Colombia.

Click here to see the video link to discover the beauty and charm of Colombia ~ Colombia: the only risk is wanting to stay


Be sure you visit about and on our website!

Mar y Sol loves Colombia!






Cartagena: A Caribbean Charm

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Published on: 2012/10/14


Cartagena, the walled city on the Colombian Caribbean declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985, is the country’s most popular destination for first-time visitors. A monument to history, it is in no way destined to yield only to its past. Its vibrant streets behold everyday life and offer many a crossroads to a new start.

Golf Channel graba Especial sobre campos y oferta tirística

Colombia has been included in different travel guides thanks to the independent initiative of foreign visitors and residents. Such is the case with Bistro, a German co-owned restaurant and bakery in the historic center. Publications such as Lonely Planet and the Richard Wiese Travel Guide have reviewed it favorably.

Today the beautiful walled city is host to many tourists to enjoy the history and spectacular Caribbean waters. It is certainly worth a trip!


Be sure you visit about and on our website!

Mar y Sol loves Colombia!

Be sure you visit about and on our website!

Mar y Sol loves Colombia!

Nicaragua’s Coastal Road

The Tourist Scenic Coastal Highway on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua and Central and South Poneloya could be extended so that it connects with Leon.

 Representatives of the Italian company SPIN are expected to visit the country in the next 60 days, with a technical and financial proposal to build the so-called “Tourist Scenic Coastal Highway on the Pacific and Central and South Coast of Nicaragua.”

At a cost of approximately $200 million, the 138 kilometer four-lane highway will stretch from Punta El Naranjo (on the border with Costa Rica) to Masachapa, through the departments of Rivas, Carazo and Managua. The return on investment for the Italian group will come from toll charges.

René Sabas Gómez writes in that, “The Costanera Highway project will connect and benefit resorts, beaches and coastal cities such as El Ostional, La Flor, San Juan del Sur, the Huacalito project (under construction), Brito, Astillero, Chacocente, Huehuete, La Boquita, Casares, Salinas de Nahualapa, Pochomil, Masachapa and Montelimar, stimulating investment for the construction of new resorts, marinas, tourist projects and even whole new coastal resort towns.


Regional Group Promotes Central America as a Tourist Destination to Europeans

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Published on: 2012/10/14


The Ministries of Tourism in Central America announced their strategy promoting multi-destination tourism to Central America.  The campaign will be geared to Europeans by encouraging trips to mulitple countries in the region on websites and fairs.  Part of the plan will be strengthening regional tourism security, and investigate offering the same price for airline tickets to any destination in Central America.

“We will promote on websites, in European tourism fairs, two, three, four, five countries (as a destination), and not only promote Panama or Nicaragua only, we will promote (who knows) Central” , states Mario Salinas CEO Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism.

At the meeting in Managua representatives from the portfolios of tourism of Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama.

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