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Published on: 2012/04/07
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+12.05833°, -068.085333°
Jan Thiel

Netherlands Antilles

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Curacao Yacht Club

The Curaçao Yacht Club was founded in 1962 by a group of close friends. The club was originally founded as a fishing yacht club, being the most active sport practiced at the club to this day. Over the years however, it has grown to more than just a hangout for the fishing boat owners, it has become a social meeting place for the whole family breeding the next generation of fishermen.
The club has grown in members and physical size. Additional piers accommodate the over 80 vessels that call the Curaçao Yacht Club their home. From 9-foot powerboats to 65-foot luxury yachts, not to mention the breathtaking mega yachts that use the Curaçao Yacht Club facilities (visiting yachts) during their stay on the island. The piers at the Curaçao Yacht Club can accommodates yachts over 180 feet in length.
The 500+ Curaçao Yacht Club members enjoy the club for much more than the allocation of their boat. The club is open daily to club members and club members enjoy the post office laidback setting of this familiar and exclusive club to talk sports, politics and of course boating.
On the weekends the club is a family oriented destination. The Curaçao Yacht Club kitchen is popular for its member-friendly prices and superb quality. There is no conch like at the club, and the sirloin is divine. From surf to turf, and even your boat trip necessities, the Curaçao Yacht Club bar strives to cater to the every possible need.
It’s a place to network and informally talk shop while enjoying the breeze and beautiful sights. The newly renovated clubhouse is just one of the major investments the Curaçao Yacht Club board has up their sleeve. Plans are in place and approved by the members to start in the spring of 2011 aiming to make the amenities and facilities the club offers its members even better, and unlike any other on the island

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