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arrowcat-sternArrowCat Luxury Catamarans

Mar Y Sol is proud to announce the introduction of a new line of power catamarans to the Caribbean; ArrowCat Catamarans.  View a short video of the beautiful 42′ ArrowCat here.

ArrowCat Power Catamaran logo

The ArrowCat Family of power catamaran exemplifies the latest advancements in the evolution of boating. Family entertaining, diving, serious fishing and comfortable overnight cruising are at the heart of the ArrowCat power catamaran’s multipurpose layout.

Superior Design

Designed by Roger Hill Yacht Design,an internationally-acclaimed designer of oceangoing catamarans for over 25 years. The ArrowCat Family of power catamarans are the only production recreational power catamaran that is designed and engineered by Naval Architects and Engineers. It represents the fine balance between economy, comfort and speed. Many boats have two of these qualities but only the ArrowCat has all three.

With twin hull construction and a fully planing hull that features dynamic stability inherent to its design the ArrowCat is more stable, safer and comfortable than semi-displacement or displacement catamarans.  The twin hulls resist the tortuous rolling feeling that mono-hulls suffer from allowing you relax and ride in comfort. It is a proven offshore power catamaran built for 2.5g operation at 50 knots. But that ruggedness is hidden behind a sexy sleek exterior and a comfortable interior. Not only is there no other power catamaran like it, but it is the first of its kind.



ArrowCat 30 Luxury Sport-Yacht

ArrowCat 35 Sport Fishing Yacht

ArrowCat 42 Flying Bridge Fishing Yacht

ArrowCat 42 Express

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