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Twin Vee 35 Hydrofoil: Added Lift, Better Efficiency

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Published on: 2013/01/21


Twin Vee 35 Hydrofoil: Added Lift, Better Efficiency

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This new powercat from Twin Vee was designed specifically to carry hydrofoils, fore and aft, in its tunnel.

Twin Vee Powercats build some unique boats, and the latest to enter their line-up of one-of-a-kind cats is the 35 Hydrofoil. This boat was designed and built for foils, and with a pair of 300-hp Suzuki outboards on the transom, cruises in excess of 40-mph.


Twinvee boats

“The fuel and efficiency difference with the hydrofoils is incredible,” Twin Vee CEO Roger Dunshee told me, when the boat was introduced at the Miami Boat Show. “We had to design the boat specifically for them and it was quite an investment, but I just can’t believe how well it runs,” he said.

The foils generate both lift and trim stabilization, and in some cases can reduce a boat’s lift/drag ratio from 4.0:1 to 20:1. That additional lift and reduced drag mean you can use smaller powerplants to get the same speeds out of a boat, and one of the first owners claimed that his 35 gets better than three MPG at cruise.

If foils are so darn good, why doesn’t every cat builder use them? Design costs are a major reason, but results seem to vary from one model to another, too, with smaller boats seeing reduced benefits. When I tested a pair of 29’ cats a few years ago, one with and one without foils, the efficiency gain we measured was under 10-percent.

hydro foil hydrofoils

Foils aside, the 35 is built to be a serious fishboat, and includes a leaning post with rocket launchers, a tackle station, and a livewell; a walk-in console head compartment; fore and aft seating; and gunwale rodholders. The helm has plenty of space for those big, beautiful LCD screens we anglers love, and coaming bolsters line the gunwales.

Twin Vee 35 Hydrofoil: Added Lift, Better Efficiency – Features, Boat Reviews and Boat Tests –

Hydrofoil lift is demonstrated with this power catamaran ferry video!

Click here to see a video shot from a camera under the ship!  Impressive demonstration of the lift from a hydrofoil on a 50 knot power catamaran ferry!

Fast Hydrofoil Ferry Demonstration



Twin Vee 35' Mamba with Hysucat hydrofoil








The Twin Vee 35′ Mamba sports the new generation of boat building with enhanced performance using hydrofoil technology! More than $2 million went into the development of this power catamaran. The Hydrofoil is fitted between the two hulls creating not only a pressure difference for an extraordinary lift, but also a smooth ride!

Check it out! You will be impressed!

For more information:

Twin Vee’s Hydrofoil Catamaran

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Published on: 2012/02/20

Twin Vee Catamaran’s latest creation to debut in Miami

via Twin Vee Catamaran’s latest creation to debut in Miami »


The 35 Twin Vee Hydrofoil Supported Catamaran offers the affordable quality for which the brand has been known, but with innovation that truly sets it apart from similarly designed catamarans and even vee-hulled boats.

The new Twin Vee incorporates the technology of a stainless steel hydrofoil that supports a portion of the watercraft’s weight during operation.

“The performance of this hull is phenomenal,” said Ernest Denning, a resident of Islamorada who recently drove his Twin Vee from Fort Pierce to his home in the Florida Keys. “I’ve had 50 boats and this thing handles like a Porsche.”

Denning said he ran his boat, rigged with twin Suzuki 300 horsepower outboard motors, 220 miles for 5 hours and 45 minutes, averaged 39 mph and used just 150 gallons of gas. He said he owns a Boston Whaler 32 Outrage and his Twin Vee is larger, wider, faster and burns one-third the fuel.

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