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Forbes Magazine says CEO Space is “A 2013 Must Attend Business Conference”

Mar y Sol Twin Hull Boat founders, Domingo Bernardo and Theresa Biemer are graduates and active members of CEO Space International.

Theresa and Domingo at the 1212 CEO Space Expo


CEO Space is a combination of a conference, networking event, and trade show. This week long event’s primary goal is to help the executives, entrepreneurs, and other professionals in attendance achieve their goals faster and easier.  It is accomplished through networking opportunities, coaching sessions, team building exercises, and much more. By attending this conference you’ll make connections with key people and other leaders valuable to helping you achieve your professional and business goals.

CEO Space and Berny Dorhmann has assembled a large faculty staffed by an “all star team of Fortune management advisers.”  They come here to donate their time and knowledge and readily give advice and counsel.  Here at Trade Show Forums held 5 times each year you will rub elbows with well renowned business professionals, writers and speakers.


Bob Proctor at 1212 CEO Space International

One of the many featured faculty members is Bob Proctor, a well respected, highly sought out speaker in the world on the topic of getting rich.  His principles are based on the book by Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich which had a dramatic change in his own life.  For over 40 years, Bob Proctor has been the leader in the power of positive thinking and self-motivation.

Whether it is renowned speaker like Bob Proctor or Les Brown, business professionals like Harry Lay, best selling writers like Dolf de Roos or entertainment personalities like Rhonda Britton, CEO space offers an amazing resource for its members!

Whether it’s networking with potential clients or learning about the latest trends, attending conferences is one of the most valuable investments you can make personally and professionally. The 2013 conference line-up is full of great options for entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, and those wanting to get a step ahead in business

Forbes is correct ~CEO Space is THE place to be for your business.




source: Must-Attend 2013 Conferences for Entrepreneurs – Forbes.






CEO Space and Beyond !

Mar y Sol Twin Hull Boat founders, Domingo Bernardo and Theresa Biemer just returned from the CEO Space International 1212 Forum.

CEO Space International is a private, members only organization promoting cooperative entrepreneurial business relationships. For almost 30 years at Forums held 5 times a year, CEO Space International has demonstrated  the model of “Cooperative Capitalism” does in fact work!   Through these Forums and reinvented trade shows, professionals and entrepreneurs gather together in a collaborative effort to achieve professional goals in an accelerated time frame.

Mar y Sol founders, Domingo Bernardo and Theresa Biemer attend MBA level classes, workshops, personal meetings and meal times with faculty from Fortune 500 companies.  These all-star mentors come to CEO Space to openly share their knowledge and experience. The faculty is an essential part of the CEO Space community and spends long hours with the members. These experienced professionals are from international institutions, businesses and government.  Many are best-selling authors and speakers.  All these mentors have a world-wide reputation and work tirelessly during the Forum.

Notable speakers, writers, and business professionals like Berny Dohrmann, Les Brown, Bob Proctor, Harry Lay, Bill Walsh, Dolf de Roos,  Bob Circosta, Hugh Ballou, Rhonda Britten, Robert Johnson, Andy Paige and more are some of the faculty that work tirelessly throughout the Forum.

The Expo is the highlight at the end of the week where graduates return to meet new members.  Mar y Sol was able to display an American Offshore 28 ft performance catamaran at 1212 Forum.  This beautiful twin hull boat features a 850 HP super charged V8, can comfortable seat 12 people for a day at the ocean or one speedster up 85 MPH! It was a hit with all attendees!

Mar y Sol continued on business travels after the Forum and headed to visit top business professionals around the country.  We just returned after a month long trip and driving over 9400 miles promoting Mar y Sol.  It was a huge success!

Be sure to view our facebook page: for more pictures.

Mar y Sol gets some selling tips from Bob Circosta of the Home Shopping Network
Terry with Bill Walsh at the CEO Space 1212 Expo


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