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Luxury Cruises into CartagenaPort of Cartagena, Attracting Luxury Boats

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Puerto de Cartagena, en la ruta de barcos de lujo | Corporación de Turismo de Cartagena | El Universal – Cartagena.

The Paul Gauguin cruise line included Cartagena in the route of the luxury ship Tere Moana, confirming the importance the walled city is gaining as an international tourist destination.

On Sunday, a total of five vessels from distinguished companies visited the city; the foray into the cruise market has become one of the main achievements of the Port of Cartagena, which seeks to capture the attention of renowned international lines .

The city government interprets this move as very important, entrenching Cartagena as major tourist destination in the Caribbean will boost the national tourism sector, with the corresponding benefits to the transportation, trade and gastronomy sectors.


The Tere Moana, left the island of St. Martin in the Caribbean, then from Cartagena will cross the Panama Canal and sail to the island of Coiba, Panama, and then to Marenco, in Costa Rica, and Puerto Caldera in Costa Rica.

Paul Gauguin Cruises is a specialized line of cruises to exotic destinations with warm weather and delivers services to customers that even the larger ships can not offer.  In fact, the maximum capacity of the Tere Moana, which was recently renovated, is only 90 people.

The other four boats that arrived over the weekend to Cartagena were: Seven Seas Mariner, a ship with 700 people with luxury features and marble European style tubs, gyms and jogging track, Coral Princess, Island Princess and The World, known for feeling like home with gyms and personal trainers, tennis courts, golf courses and luxury jewelers who travel the world, as they own several passenger cabins.

The Port of Cartagena expects 192 cruises in the 2013 season, not counting the first landfalls of the following ships: Wind Star, Disney Wonder, MS Columbus 2, Artania and Tere Moana.

Colombia Promoting Nautical Tourism to Create 15,000 Jobs

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Published on: 2013/01/21

Read more:  Colombia impulsará turismo náutico para crear 15 mil nuevos empleos – Noticia

Colombia impulsará turismo náutico para crear 15 mil nuevos empleos - Noticias de turismo -

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Colombia has set among its priorities to contribute to the creation of 15,000 new jobs in the Colombian Caribbean coast, by promoting nautical tourism; (population of the entire country is roughly 20,000,000)

In order to achieve this goal, the ministry launched the Guía Náutica Turística de Colombia (Colombian Nautical Tourism Guide), the pages collect navigational charts for nautical activities for both sailboats and motor vessels, as well as complete information of services and sites tourists can visit in each of the docking ports, according to the Colombian press.

With the Guide the ministry seeks to promote the country as a destination for all types of vessels, taking advantage of 2.900 kilometers (4,700 miles) of coastline: 1.600 kilometers (2,600 miles) in the Caribbean Sea and 1.300 kilometers (2,100 miles) in the Pacific Ocean, which is Colombia.

The second step will be the creation of marinas and the regulation of the sale of services on them, another project which the Government intends to promote.

The participants to the publication are Tourism Promotion Fund, the Tourism Corporation of Cartagena de Indias, and the Maritime Directorate; 4,200 million pesos ($2.4 million USD) was invested. For the initial distribution 8,000 copies were printed; 6,000 in English and 2,000 in Spanish.


Colombia is Full of Wonderful Surprises!

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Published on: 2012/10/14

You will fall in love with Colombia! It is a tropical country of incredible diversity and charm. Its ever-changing geography, a history loaded with mystery and adventure, its people and cultures, have fascinated the world for centuries.

Colombia is a country for exploring, resting, becoming acquainted with its history, culture, traditions and falling in love.

Its incredible natural biodiversity, which is represented in 53 protected areas and countless sites of great beauty, is perhaps the main attraction we present to the world.

The complex geographic relief determined various regional identities that multiply the faces of Colombia.

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Tayrona National Park’s underwater world


Diving is a sure way to experience the prehistoric beauty of Tayrona National Park on Colombia‘s Caribbean coast from in, on and under the water.

Parque Tayrona is the gem of Colombia’s Caribbean coast, dazzling white beaches and clear coral-filled ocean are set against a Jurassic Park-style jungle, hung with vines and draped in damp mist, with flocks of pterodactyl-like pelicans laboriously flapping by.

Colombia news - Diving


Each week hordes of tourists visit Tayrona, which was declared a national park in 1969 for its immense biological and archaeological value. Visitors go there for the beaches with their white grainy sand and imposing grey boulders. They go to see the Tayrona tribes-people in their traditional pointy white hats, and they go to hike deep in to Tayrona’s jungle to find the Lost City, thought to have been founded around 800 AD.

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Colombia’s Caribbean coast to receive $360M in investments

From: Colombia’s Caribbean coast to receive $360M in investments – Colombia news | Colombia Reports.

Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos has announced an investment program of $360 million in the Caribbean coastal region on Monday.


At the conclusion in Cartagena of Monday’s meeting with the OCAD, the body responsible for defining investment projects, the president announced that the Caribbean region would get 54 projects for roads water, tourism, agriculture, health, housing and ICT among others.


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“The Answer is Colombia” unveiled as a new branding campaign for the country!

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Published on: 2012/09/19

From: Colombia to launch international branding campaign in 2 months – Colombia news | Colombia Reports.

Colombia unveiled a new brand for the country’s identity to tell the world “the answer is Colombia,” but will not launch a campaign internationally for another two months.

Colombia news - Marca Pais

“An international branding campaign will be launched in about two months,” Daniel Reyes of branding agency Marca Pais told Colombia Reports, adding that for now, “the first step is introducing the new brand to citizens of Colombia.”

Colombia, a country that has tripled its direct foreign investment (FDI) over the last ten years, looks to be the answer in face of the global crisis. With its new image, the country will tell the world with figures and facts why exactly it is the answer.

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4000 hotels under construction in Colombia

From: 4000 hotels under construction in Colombia – Colombia news | Colombia Reports.

At a meeting in Manizales attended by delegates of the National Government, the president of hotel federation Cotelco, Juan Leonardo Correa, said that the hotels are being built in areas of ecotourism, mountain regions and in the interior of the country as well as on the coast, according to Radio Caracol.

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Colombia tourism

Colombia invested over $55M in tourism in the last 2 years

From: Colombia invested over $55M in tourism: Santos – Colombia news | Colombia Reports.


Colombia news - Tourism


President Juan Manuel Santos announced Wednesday that Colombia has invested more than $55 million in promoting tourism for the country over the last two years.

During a speech in the coastal Cartagena city, President Juan Manual Santos revealed that investments in tourism promotion have increased during 2010 to 2012 by 20% in comparison to the period of 2008 to 2010.

“In these first two years the government has invested over $36 million in international promotion [of Colombia] as part of the the National Tourism Fund and Proexport,” said Santos. He added that they have also invested over $23 million in the promotion of national tourism.

Through Proexport, an entity that promotes tourism, foreign investment and exportations in Colombia, wholesalers from around the world have had the opportunity to know and invest in Colombia.

“In the last year, through Proexport, 115 wholesalers were invited from 29 countries for ‘trips of familiarization,’ to see the country and multiply sales through their favorable impression,” explained the president.

Santos emphasized the coverage that Colombian tourism has received in international mediums, and said that the investments in tourism will continue to grow over the next two years.

“Proexport has gotten Colombia to appear in 16 guides of different countries and two guides of global reach, including none other than Lonely Planet and Michelin,” said the president.

In conclusion, Santos announced that September 7 will be the launch of the new image of the “Country Brand,” and that when they celebrate the World Day of Tourism on September 27, they are going to launch the Colombian guide of National Geographic for the first time.

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Colombia signs tourism pact with LatAm countries

 From: Colombia signs tourism pact with LatAm countries – Colombia news | Colombia Reports.


Colombia news - Pacific Alliance

Colombia‘s trade minister signed an agreement with other member states of the Pacific Alliance Wednesday to promote tourism between the members states of the Latin American trade bloc.

The trade and tourism ministers of Colombia, Mexico, Chile and Peru met in Mexico City to sign a pact that according to Colombian Trade Minister Sergio Granados-Diaz has the aim to “increase the flow of visitors between the partners.”

According to the minister, the countries of the Paciic Alliance will offer member states technical assistance in the development of tourist destinations aimed at both corporate and regular tourism.

The Pacific Alliance is a Latin American trade bloc created in June that aims to increase economic integration between member states.

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Growing tourism prompts expansion at Santa Marta airport

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Published on: 2012/07/20

From: Plans for new Santa Marta airport underway – Colombia news | Colombia Reports.

isitors to Santa Marta will touch down in a larger, more comfortable airport by 2014, El Heraldo newspaper reported Thursday.

The remodeled Simon Bolivar airport is slated to cost $21 million and will more than double in size, incorporating four new aircraft ports to keep pace with Santa Marta’s growing tourism industry.

Santa Marta airport

The blueprints are now heading to Bogota for final approval, according to Santa Marta’s head of airport concesions. He estimated that the construction, including demolishing existing parts of the airport section by section, would begin next January.

Cartagena Colombia ~ tourism increases to historic city!

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Published on: 2012/07/18

From:  Colombia\’s boom town – News – Cartagena de Indias Convention Bureau – Colombia.

Four giant cruise ships recently docked within hours of one another in this Spanish colonial port city and disgorged 6,000 foreign passengers. Most headed to Old Cartagena for a day of sightseeing and shopping, jamming the narrow streets of what many believe is the best preserved colonial city on the continent.

The presence of so many foreigners was unthinkable just five years ago, when tourists were put off by the image of a country beset by violence sown by leftist rebels and drug traffickers. But the nation’s improved security, booming economy and rapidly expanding tourism industry have put it on many travelers’ itineraries.

 Colombia’s international visitors increased 17 percent last year, to 1.7 million.

Santa Marta, another colonial port town about 110 air miles or four highway hours to the northeast, is trying to become an eco-tourism center.

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