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14 million tourists expected to visit Central America each year by 2020


Relying mainly on its geographical and cultural attractions, today Central America points to a dramatic growth in tourism, with some reports estimating that the number of foreign visitors will reach 14 million by 2020.


tourism in central america


According to reports by experts of the National Tourism Congress of Costa Rica and studies released on the Internet, in 2011 the region earned 3.6 percent of the total tourism earnings of the Americas.

Meanwhile, sources of the consulting and financial advisory services firm Deloitte Panama predicted that some 14 million tourists will visit Central America by 2020, nearly twice the average 7.9 million travellers received every year at present.

They added that this tourist growth in Central America is part of the global upward trend, mainly in emerging markets.

Some researchers consider that the success of tourism in Latin America in general relies on the travellers’ increasing interest in its culture, diversity of traditions and religions, beautiful landscapes and virgin nature.

Central America received eight million tourists last year and they brought 7.20 billion USD into the region; Costa Rica was the most visited country, followed by Panama, Guatemala and Nicaragua.

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