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Cartagena is the hot spot for luxury tourism!

From: Cartagena the newest hotspot for luxury tourism – Colombia news | Colombia Reports.


Cartagena a new high-end tourism hotspot

This year Cartagena was a big hit at the International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM), held every year in Cannes, France. Carmen Otero de Millan, the representative for Cartagena’s Santa Clara hotel and Coltelco claimed that Colombia‘s stand at the luxury fair received over 500 proposals from various travel counselors, whom he defined as “people hired exclusively by millionaires from different countries that are very interested in the history, culture, and nature of countries that sell tourism.”


High-end tourists are interested in spas, culinary experiences, new cultures, sustainable tourism, and tourism philanthropy — all of which can be found in Cartagena. According to Otero de Millan, if the government can implement strategies to boost tourism, Cartagena’s rich history and its proximity to the tropical Rosario Islands will do the rest.


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