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Medical Tourism Emerges in Belize

From: Medical Tourism Becoming a Reality in Belize – The San Pedro Sun News.



Press Release – BELTRAIDE – September 3, 2012- Belize has once again pioneered another gateway to attracting more visitors and investors to our country, which is, through the emergence of ‘Medical Tourism’. Under BELTRAIDE’s Compete Caribbean Project, component two (2) entails the identification of two priority sectors for investment. One of the identified priority sectors is Medical Tourism. There is certainly great potential for this industry to boom and create employment for Belize, whilst increasing its Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

Costa Rica Attracts Americans for High Quality Dental Care

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Published on: 2012/09/09

From:  Americans Reject U.S. Dental Care in Favor of Lower-Cost Options Overseas – Inside Costa Rica | Inside Costa Rica.

Increasingly, U.S. patients in need of dental care are opting to go overseas where equivalent treatments are a fraction of what they cost back home – a recent report from the overseas experts at reveals. For less than the cost of treatment alone in the United States, a patient can receive high-quality care—and a vacation—abroad.

Dental care costs have been increasing rapidly in the U.S. in recent years. However, only 55% of U.S. residents have dental insurance so almost half are forced to pay out-of-pocket for dental work.

I lost my dental insurance along with my job in the recession and I needed over $2,000 in dental work,” said American Starr Daubenmire in’s report.

“I could either go to my home-town dentist, just 10 minutes from my house, and spend $2,100 in a few hours—or I could get the same work done in Costa Rica and have a 10-day vacation, too, for about $2,600.”


Colombia Foreign Direct Investment up 26% in 2012

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Published on: 2012/08/12

Colombia FDI up 26% in 2012: Minister – Colombia news | Colombia Reports.

Colombia FDI up 26% in 2012: Minister

Colombia FDI

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Colombia grew 26% in the first six months of 2012 compared to the same period last year, said the country’s trade minister Monday.

According to Minister Sergio Diaz-Granados, foreign investors pumped $9.4 billion into the Colombian economy in the first half of this year. In 2011, the South American country received a record $13.2 billion, 58% of which went to Colombia’s oil and mining industry.

This year’s increase in foreign investment is due to an “improved investment climate” and successful investment promotion campaigns carried out by tourism and investment promotion agency Proexport, the minister told Spanish press agency EFE.

Diaz-Granados estimated that the total FDI over 2012 will exceed $15 billion.

“These numbers ratify the good performance of the Colombian economy,” in a time the global economy is under pressure by ongoing problems in the Eurozone.

Colombia’s economy grew 4.7% in the first half year of 2012. The country’s finance minister said earlier this week he expected this growth to slow down to 4.5%

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Colombia ‘set to become Latin America’s prime health tourism destination’

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Published on: 2012/08/12

Colombia travel – Colombia news | Colombia Reports.

Colombia travel


Cartagena de Indias

Colombia is one of Latin America’s hidden gems and, despite its natural beauty and exceptional cultures, still unknown to many travelers.


Colombia ‘set to become Latin America’s prime health tourism destination’

Colombia has developed into one of the premier destinations for health tourists in Latin America, says the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism.

Minister Sergio Díaz-Granados claimed Colombian doctors treated nearly 4,000 patients from other countries in 2011, leading to a profit of $6 million for the year, citing figures from the Colombian Association of Medical Tourism. He also claimed that the influx of foreign patients has created thousands of jobs for Colombians in the industry.

Diaz-Granados believes that in 20 years Colombia will be recognized as a world leader in health tourism, potentially bringing in $6 billion in revenue.

“Due to the quality of medical professionals, the good number of health institutions and the huge list of of attractions (…) Colombia is projected to be one the main destinations (…) of health tourism,” he said.

According to officials, most foreign patients come to Colombia for its services in cardiology, orthopaedics, cosmetic surgery and dentistry.

Most health tourists in Colombia are from the United States, Spain, Panama, Mexico and Canada.


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Worldwide Licensed Medical Care Arrives in Guanacaste Costa Rica.

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Published on: 2012/08/12

Worldwide Licensed Medical Care Arrives in Guanacaste Costa Rica.

The times of emergency medical airlifts from Guanacaste to San Jose for top hospital treatment will shortly be gone. Sources in the surgery have informed Health Check Costa Rica the Hospice Cima project in Liberia Guanacaste plans to open their doors in February 2012. Construction of the first part of the hospice project is all but complete and the surgery is in the process of moving in equipment for a February opening. The hospice will be starting with only around ten beds but will be the first Joint Commission World Infirmary to open their doors in Guanacaste which is an area known often for pristine beaches, and a tourism dependent economy. Consequences of this may reverberate across the region as Guanacaste begins the evolution from a primarily tourist orientated economy to a wider based retirement and full time home destination.

The project encompasses a new CIMA Surgery, a building with medical practice offices, a commercial section with trattorias and a flat hotel building especially targeting retirees and Medical Travel patients. The hospice, as well as the other buildings, would be located next to the Do-it Center in the canton of Carrillo, on the road between Liberia International Airport and the region’s seaside resort areas, and intentionally close to the global Airport which has become the hub of Guanacaste’s amazing growth as a visitor destination in the last ten years. This private hospital not only would serve the local inhabitants of Guanacaste but the growing foreign clientele seeking high-quality care.”The number of patients may alter thanks to the a proven fact that these facilities may not only serve patients from all over the province, but also may serve foreigners visiting for Medical Travel Facilitator purposes.

Guanacaste has been through major transformations in recent years as the Govt. of Costa Rica has smartly been paying attention to major framework projects including road strategies and telecommunication infrastructure both of which have seen gigantic jumps forward in recent years. Previously inaccessible beaches now boast beautifully paved roads complete along with reflectors, painted lines and street lights; something old hands will remember didn’t exist on any roads only a few short years ago.

Additionally, through countless private investors Guanacaste saw the expansion and creation of everything from International American Schools to private surgery hospitals, orthopedic centres, plastic surgery spas, and a spread of spas, mental well-being retreats, recovery centers, and more. The major private investment bucks flowing into major medical facilities in Liberia to the tune of about half a bn. greenbacks has a ripple effect across Guanacaste as folks follow the smart money into niche areas of the booming Medical Tourism industry. With skyrocketing debate and curving costs of Medicare in the U. S., the ever increasing wait times in the socialized arena of Canadian Medical care coupled with the growth of straight-through flights into the region from both countries, Medical Tourism in Guanacaste is poised for a boom, and the opening of the long awaited CIMA branch in Liberia represents the first important walk in this direction.

via Worldwide Licensed Medical Care Arrives in Guanacaste Costa Rica..

Oberg Medical Expands

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Published on: 2012/04/01

Oberg Medical Expands 

Oberg Medical, a full-service Medical Device contract manufacturer providing implants, instruments, and complex assemblies, announces plans for expansion of its Costa Rica manufacturing operation to better serve the expanding Medical Device market in Central America and provide cost optimization solutions for U.S. OEMs.

The Costa Rica expansion comes on the heels of over $5 million of capital investment into its US-based medical business over the past year along with an additional $2 million of capital investment in Costa Rica. The US investment included the completion of its facility-wide process validation initiative and the addition of approximately 15 CNC milling machines, EDMs, and lathes.

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