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Nicaragua: Tax Cuts to Promote Tourism


Nicaragua’s “Concertación Tributaria” (Tax Reform Discussion) includes a proposal to remove the latest taxes to registration of pleasure boats and aircraft.

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An article reports that Mario Salinas, chief executive of the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (Intur) noted the positive impact that a review and elimination of taxes collected on the registration of yachts and private aircraft, introduced in 2010, would have on the tourism sector.

According to Salinas, in addition to increasing revenues from entries, this would “establish service centers, that then create jobs, the import of equipment and spare parts plus the ability to create a better tourism offer in terms of supply of private flights, such as helicopter tours in Nicaragua. ”



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Published on: 2012/09/19

From: As Nicaragua Sees More Travelers, Here’s What You Need to Know.



Nicaragua is beginning to appear on the radar of travelers, with its natural beauty and old-fashioned charm that neither tourism nor internal strife has ruined. It’s a low-key, slow-moving Latin American culture, inexpensive to travel and live in, and is often referred to as “Costa Rica 30 years ago.” Nicaragua is easy to travel within and home to rich festivals and exciting outdoor adventures. From ash boarding down the side of one of the youngest (and active) volcanoes in the world, to scuba diving in the Little Corn Island – known for its remote, pristine beaches – along with the excitement of colonial towns such as Leon and Granada, in Nicaragua you can still travel under the radar.

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