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Tayrona National Park’s underwater world


Diving is a sure way to experience the prehistoric beauty of Tayrona National Park on Colombia‘s Caribbean coast from in, on and under the water.

Parque Tayrona is the gem of Colombia’s Caribbean coast, dazzling white beaches and clear coral-filled ocean are set against a Jurassic Park-style jungle, hung with vines and draped in damp mist, with flocks of pterodactyl-like pelicans laboriously flapping by.

Colombia news - Diving


Each week hordes of tourists visit Tayrona, which was declared a national park in 1969 for its immense biological and archaeological value. Visitors go there for the beaches with their white grainy sand and imposing grey boulders. They go to see the Tayrona tribes-people in their traditional pointy white hats, and they go to hike deep in to Tayrona’s jungle to find the Lost City, thought to have been founded around 800 AD.

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Colombia’s Oldest City Enjoying A Revitalization

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Published on: 2012/08/18

From:  Santa Marta, Colombia: Restored Coastal City Entices Expats.


Santa Marta is Colombia’s oldest city, but is fast becoming the country’s newest attraction thanks to revitalization efforts that have brought new life to the area. Both of the city’s largest parks and historical center have been restored, and a new marina that was little more than speculation two years ago is bringing in more maritime traffic. New restaurants and cafes are springing up all along Santa Marta’s main thoroughfares and property investors are scrambling to get in on the ground floor before Colombia’s Caribbean secret gets out. For more on this continue reading the following article from International Living.


The new marina—little more than a rumor two years ago—is now hosting a number of sailboats and powerboats, bobbing in their slips. And even more remarkable is the onshore development that the marina has brought to the area, as new condo buildings and businesses sprout like wildflowers on the shoreline.


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Growing tourism prompts expansion at Santa Marta airport

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Published on: 2012/07/20

From: Plans for new Santa Marta airport underway – Colombia news | Colombia Reports.

isitors to Santa Marta will touch down in a larger, more comfortable airport by 2014, El Heraldo newspaper reported Thursday.

The remodeled Simon Bolivar airport is slated to cost $21 million and will more than double in size, incorporating four new aircraft ports to keep pace with Santa Marta’s growing tourism industry.

Santa Marta airport

The blueprints are now heading to Bogota for final approval, according to Santa Marta’s head of airport concesions. He estimated that the construction, including demolishing existing parts of the airport section by section, would begin next January.

Cartagena Colombia ~ tourism increases to historic city!

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Published on: 2012/07/18

From:  Colombia\’s boom town – News – Cartagena de Indias Convention Bureau – Colombia.

Four giant cruise ships recently docked within hours of one another in this Spanish colonial port city and disgorged 6,000 foreign passengers. Most headed to Old Cartagena for a day of sightseeing and shopping, jamming the narrow streets of what many believe is the best preserved colonial city on the continent.

The presence of so many foreigners was unthinkable just five years ago, when tourists were put off by the image of a country beset by violence sown by leftist rebels and drug traffickers. But the nation’s improved security, booming economy and rapidly expanding tourism industry have put it on many travelers’ itineraries.

 Colombia’s international visitors increased 17 percent last year, to 1.7 million.

Santa Marta, another colonial port town about 110 air miles or four highway hours to the northeast, is trying to become an eco-tourism center.

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