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New Products – Proud to Announce AutoTether for the Caribbean

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Published on: 2012/05/10

Mar y Sol will be outfitting all of its boats from this point forward with products from AutoTether.  Their products ensure that the passengers ride in safety;

  • that the boat’s engines turn off if the driver falls overboard.
  • that a loud alarm is heard if a passenger falls overboard








Sailing overnight is safer when you use “The Screamer” Wireless Alarm System. Have the sailors on deck wear a sensor, if they fall overboard the alarm will go off alerting everyone that someone is in the water. If the crew on deck encounters difficult weather conditions they can hold down the panic button, sounding the alarm in order to call the rest of the crew up on deck for assistance.


Read more at:  New Products –

GOST – Boat Security and Monitoring Systems

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Published on: 2012/03/01

GOST – Boat Security and Monitoring Systems.


View Florida Sport Fishing videos of boats recovered after theft using these outstanding products.


Global Ocean Security Technologies, Boat GPS

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