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Saltwater Gamefish Directory For Fly Fishing in Belize

A Basic Guide to Saltwater Fly Fishing in Belize- Our Saltwater Gamefish.


The temperature of the nearshore waters of Belize generally range from the high 80’s (F) in the summer to the upper 70’s in the winter. This temperature range is just right for the literally hundreds of fish species which inhabit the area. Another resource which promotes fish species diversity is our shoreline. A rich mixure of sandy beaches, barrier islands, intercoastal waterways, seagrass beds, mangrove-studded bays, salt marshes, and estuaries provide the perfect habitat for fish and fly fishing. Many species like grouper and most snapper are primarily offshore in deeper water and so they are not usually considered fly fishing targets. Some inshore species such as catfish and mullet seldom respond to flies. Even so, eliminating these other species still leaves us with many availiable and formidable species which are regular fly fishing targets here in Belize. This guide is an excellent resource for information on snook, red fish, tarpon, spotted trout, lady fish, snapper and mackerel.

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