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Hydrofoil lift is demonstrated with this power catamaran ferry video!

Click here to see a video shot from a camera under the ship!  Impressive demonstration of the lift from a hydrofoil on a 50 knot power catamaran ferry!

Fast Hydrofoil Ferry Demonstration



Twin Vee 35' Mamba with Hysucat hydrofoil








The Twin Vee 35′ Mamba sports the new generation of boat building with enhanced performance using hydrofoil technology! More than $2 million went into the development of this power catamaran. The Hydrofoil is fitted between the two hulls creating not only a pressure difference for an extraordinary lift, but also a smooth ride!

Check it out! You will be impressed!

For more information:

Hiring at TwinVee

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Published on: 2012/02/20

St. Lucie gives boat builder $146,000 grant, hiring starts again »


Dunshee said he could hire one or two employees in the next few weeks, and plans to hire 15 more in the first quarter of 2012.

Dunshee also plans to expand his product line.

At the 52nd Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show later this month, Dunshee will unveil Twin Vee’s first hydrofoil catamaran, a 35-footer that can run up to 58 mph in four-foot seas with fuel economy up to 40 percent better than similar-size conventional boats, he said.

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